Kanlikul hosts campaign on “Together we will build a new Uzbekistan!”

18.11.2019, 09:52

Kanlikul hosts campaign on “Together we will build a new Uzbekistan!”

The campaign of UzLiDeP “Together we will build a new Uzbekistan!” took place on the territory of the culture and recreation of Bakhitli population of Kanlikul district.

The event was attended by representatives of the district Kengash of the party, deputies of the local Kengash, entrepreneurs, farmers, and media representatives.

“I am very satisfied. A feeling of joy overwhelms me. Because the event is organized and carried out in the spirit of a holiday. And we also learned what the main ideas and tasks are outlined in the Party’s Pre-Election Program”, – said K. Jumaniyazov, Head of Nauryzly-Istam farm. – Without a doubt, the tasks set in the Party’s Pre-Election Program will contribute to further development of farming. Because this program was not drafted in offices, but with direct participation of farmers and entrepreneurs”.

The event ended with a concert with participation of famous pop singers.

Press Service of

Karakalpak Kengash of UzLiDeP

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