Household plots -source of stable income

08.01.2018, 11:59

Household plots -source of stable income

Dilbarkhon Shodmonova lives in Korayontok mahalla of Jalakuduk district. On her household plot of 30 acres, she grows tomatoes, cucumbers and after their collection- garlic. She gets good income from her household plots.

- Having mastered the secrets of agriculture, our family gets additional income, - says Oidina Patidinova. – On 4 acres of land we organized a greenhouse and grow there lemons, on 6 acres of land we planted tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and received an income of 4-5 million soums. At the present time we grow greens.

During the open dialogues in Korayontok mahalla of Jalakuduk district, we have seen how the villagers establishing their business in their household plots and getting good income. Household plots are a source of stable income of villagers. In this regard, the PPO of the Andijan regional council of UzLiDeP will actively implement the party project «Primary party organizations of UzLiDeP – support of beginner entrepreneurs on their own plot» as well as they will also expand the scope of work in this direction.

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