Outsourcing will reduce costs

20.12.2019, 10:06

Outsourcing will reduce costs

The title of the article immediately raises the question: what is outsourcing. Outsourcing is the process of transferring part of the production process and services under the contract, in addition to the main activity, to other professional organizations and exemption from additional costs. Our country has also introduced this practice and there are positive results. UzLiDeP advocates the widespread introduction of such practices. If outsourcing is used in schools and pre-school education institutions, it will be possible to significantly reduce the costs for us to build these institutions, which is carried out on the basis of public-private partnership. For example, kitchens are needed for kindergartens, therefore, if the construction of kitchens is transferred to a professional business entity at the same time in 20-30 kindergartens, savings will be achieved in the equipment of kitchens, the cost of electricity and labor.

At the meeting with voters of Quyoshli Yurt makhalla, held at school No. 16 of Termez district, Botir Mardayev, who was nominated to the Legislative Chamber from the 78th constituency, spoke about this in his speech. The candidate gave detailed answers to voters' questions about outsourcing and its benefits. He proposed to increase the number of schools and preschool education institutions in this territory through the use of this practice.

Press Service of Surkhandarya

Regional Council of UzLiDeP

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