Completely new training system to be introduced in the healthcare sector

13.04.2020, 12:51

Completely new training system to be introduced in the healthcare sector

In the achievements of our country, of course, there is a significant contribution of healthcare workers. Because there is no development of society without protection of public health.

Today, all residents of the country are grateful for the dedicated work of healthcare professionals. On these difficult days, they are tirelessly fighting for the life of compatriots infected with a coronavirus infection. The work of doctors is highly appreciated by the Head of the state. The resolution adopted by the President on April 7 this year “On measures to introduce a completely new training system and continuing professional development of personnel in the healthcare sector” with a significant focus on improving the professional development system of health workers, providing medical organizations, especially primary healthcare institutions, with professional specialists, increasing the authority of professors and teachers of medical educational institutions, as well as consistent implementation of tasks, defined in the Concept of healthcare system development of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2019-2025.

 The resolution provides for transformation of medical colleges into Public Health Technical Schools named after Abu Ali ibn Sino. This, of course, will provide qualitative training for young professionals and their desire to become qualified doctors.

Granting to graduates who have successfully completed the Public Health Technical Schools named after Abu Ali ibn Sino the right to continue their studies from the second year in medical higher education institutions in specialized areas of undergraduate education without passing entrance exams through an individual interview will become an important basis in training doctors.

 Opening international faculties in medical higher education institutions of the country on the basis of joint educational programs, as well as branches in cooperation with famous foreign medical education institutions included in international ratings, will also serve as the basis for further development of medicine in the country.

Resolution of the President became another example of attention paid to providing the country with qualified medical personnel, eliminating shortcomings in the sphere, and caring for doctors.

Nafisakhon ELCHIYEVA,

First Vice Chairman of

Fergana Regional Council of UzLiDep,

Chief of the office

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