The Republican working group studies crops in household plots

19.04.2020, 17:09

The Republican working group studies crops in household plots

Karakalpak people are hardworking, well acquainted with agriculture. Despite the presence of sand in the soil and salinity, agricultural activities are carried out in a timely manner and rich crops are grown. Residents of Turtkul, Amudarya, Beruni and Ellikkala districts have rich experience in processing personal plots.

A working group, which consists of workers from the Council of Farmers, Dehkan Farms and Owners of Household Lands, led by the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Political Council of UzLiDeP A. Khaitov, visited Amudarya district of the Republic of Karakalpakstan to study spring field work in farms and household plots of the population.

Members of the working group began acquaintance with the work being carried out in the personal plot of the resident of Buz Solma citizens’ assembly Botir Arabov. The greenhouse on this plot is 2 acres.

Having examined the cultivated crops, members of the working group presented information on the priority tasks voiced at the videoconference held on April 8, chaired by the President, to ensure food security and development of household plots, which are an important source of employment and income. It was noted that the Head of the state compared the soil of our land with gold and noted the need for its effective use.

The working group, headed by A. Khaitov, also visited the private land of a resident of the CAM “Koraman” Yangiboy Sultonov.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, spring work and fruit tree care did not stop here. A greenhouse was built on 4 of 40 acres; a garden was laid out on 10 acres. In other areas, potatoes, vegetables and gourds are grown.

Becoming acquainted with the entrepreneur’s work experience, members of the working group noted the need for wide propaganda of his experience and creation of working conditions for the population.

According to experts, honey contains more than 70 percent of elements necessary for the human body. In this regard, development of beekeeping plays an important role in development of the economy and contributes to strengthening the human health.

For development of beekeeping, Erkin Rasulov from Amudarya took a loan at the amount of 1 billion 200 million UZS from the Council of Farmers, Dehkan Farms and Owners of Household Lands. Today he has 1000 hives, 30 people are employed.

Members of the working group got acquainted with the work being carried out in the agro-farm “Urta kala chorvadori” located in CAM “Bog”, noted the role of beekeeping in development of the agricultural sector.

Then, members of the working group visited the personal plot of a resident of Nayman CAM in Takhiatash district, Alisher Utegenov. In his greenhouse, tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers are grown on 2 acres.

It was noted that the sowing season has come, time should not be wasted, and every piece of land should be effectively used.

Gulsara Allambergenova from Takhiatash also built a small greenhouse near the house and grows tomatoes and cucumbers. Collects 2 harvests a year, and sells surplus in the market.

During the conversation with residents, A.Khaitov noted that we would soon defeat the coronavirus, and noted that party representatives and deputies are ready to eliminate problems that arise during the construction and expansion of greenhouses.

The Republican working group continues to study the work on personal plots.

UzLiDeP Press Service


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