A. Kurbonov from Nishan district with 9 acres annually makes profit of 145 million UZS

25.05.2020, 10:35

A. Kurbonov from Nishan district with 9 acres annually makes profit of 145 million UZS

As previously reported, a group of deputies headed by the Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis, the head of UzLiDeP faction A.Khaitov met with farmers in Kashkadarya.

During the meetings, members of the working group visited Talimarjon village, Nishan district. Residents of the village have accumulated rich farming experience. For example, Bahrom Geldiyev in his greenhouse, which occupies 2 hectares, daily collects up to 35-40 kilograms of cucumbers. Tomatoes in the greenhouse of Ikromjon Geldiyev also please the eyes.

Chairman of CAM “Obod Mahalla” (Prosperous Neighborhood) Kurbonnazar Ruziyev in his greenhouse, which occupies 30 acres, planted 7.5 thousand tomato seedlings, which began to yield in early spring. The greenhouse employs 10 local youth.

Currently, the Chairman of the mahalla is organizing the construction of a refrigerated warehouse with a capacity of 30 tons. An interesting fact is that he rejected the offer of Korean partners for the construction of a greenhouse on 1 hectare with automatic control worth 460 thousand dollars. According to K. Ruziyev, he will be able to build such a greenhouse for 80 million UZS.

Metal structures have long been ready, and in the near future on a 1 hectare a greenhouse with automatic control will be built based not on Chinese or Japanese, but on the basis of Uzbek technology.

Representatives of people held the next meeting in the house of a resident of the district village “Yulduz” Asror Kurbonov.

A. Kurbonov as a result of an accident lost one arm. Asror, an invalid of the 2nd group, answered this blow of fate with endurance. At first, he began to engage in floriculture, growing seedlings of pines and tomatoes in a greenhouse. You enter his courtyard, and as if, you are in paradise. Stems of tomatoes are prone to plenty of fruits. Beautiful fruit trees, vineyard, neatly growing vegetables. From his household of 9 acres, he annually receives an income of 145 million UZS.

Azam Eshmirzayev, a resident of Yuksalish mahalla, grows clover on 22 out of 25 household plots. He has three cows, there are bulls. Nevertheless, his annual income is less than 10 million UZS. In this regard, on the part of Nishon Yulduz Tomorqa Khizmati LLC, he was recommended to grow onions on 10 acres.

 Press Service of

Kashkadarya regional

council of UzLiDeP

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