Internal roads repaired in Yangikishlak

19.06.2020, 15:23

Internal roads repaired in Yangikishlak

Member of UzLiDeP deputy group in Sharaf Rashidov district council of people’s deputies Ganisher Avvalboyev received an appeal from representatives of Nurafshon mahalla population asking for assistance in repairing and asphalting the Mulkdorlar and Yoshlik streets of Yangikishlok village.

The deputy explained the urgency of the problem to members of the district sector and officials. And the problem has been resolved. At the initiative of the deputy, 500 meters of roads were paved. This provided convenience to more than 800 residents of this territory.

– Now residents walk on smooth roads, – makhalla activist Norboy Ummatov said. – We are grateful to members of the district sector and officials for the work done.

However, during the quarantine period, the deputy provides hundreds of families with food for free.

– Deputy’s job is not a position, it is a bridge between people and the state. I always strive to justify the confidence of voters, to work so that people have confidence in the future, – said representative of people.

Nilufar Aliyeva,

Activist of Jizzakh Regional

Council of UzLiDeP


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