A working group led by Deputy Speaker Aktam Khaitov is studying the implementation of the Presidential resolutions in Khorezm

26.06.2020, 14:58

A working group led by Deputy Speaker Aktam Khaitov is studying the implementation of the Presidential resolutions in Khorezm

During the coronavirus pandemic, the most relevant issues were employment and poverty reduction. Because, due to the pandemic, the number of unemployed in the country increased and family incomes decreased.

In this regard, under the leadership of the President, measures have been taken to combat this disease and mitigate the impact of the pandemic on the life of the population and the economy. For a minute, work to ensure employment and increase incomes of the population, to create conditions for self-employment of citizens does not stop.

A group of deputies under the leadership of the Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis, the head of UzLiDeP faction, Aktam Khaitov, came to Khorezm region to get acquainted with the activities of business entities, farms and private land owners during the pandemic and study the implementation of local decrees and resolutions of the President.

Representatives of people began their meetings in the region with a visit to Gurlan district. At the meeting in the district khokimiyat, the problems of local youth were studied, measures were taken to solve them locally.

During the dialogue, Gurlan resident Gayrat Soliyev asked for help in obtaining a loan for the opening of a hairdressing salon. The khokim of the district assumed the solution of this problem and gave the task to representatives of the regional branch of Halq Bank to allocate a loan in 3 days.

Young people asked for help in obtaining a loan for establishment of sewing production, the construction of greenhouses, and development of poultry farming. The heads of respective organizations were entrusted with the task of positively solving the problems expressed in the shortest possible time.

On this day, members of the working group, together with the district’s khokim and sector leaders, visited Nurafshon, Esabiy, Jaloyir, Nukus, Dusimbiy and Okkum makhallas, got acquainted with the work to ensure employment and increase population incomes.

There are three persons with disabilities in the family of a resident of the first sector of “Dusimbiy” makhalla Robiya Akhmedova. The family successfully works in a personal plot, in this regard, a district center built a greenhouse on 45 acres based on a subsidy.

Her daughter-in-law H. Tajiyeva and daughter Sh. Yuldasheva were hired by Ramat Bobo farm, in which they allocated 0.5 hectares to grow vegetables and generate additional income. It is also planned to allocate 1 hectare in fields liberated from cereal crops.

In the family of a resident belonging to the second sector of the makhalla “Nurafshon” Patma Sabirova there are only 2 people. Sponsors repaired the facade of her house, with the help of community workers planted melons and fruit trees in the garden. Jumabay Qassob farm allocated a cow to this family, sponsors help with food products. Her son Inomjon Yuldashev was hired by Gurlan Ekator LLC.

Deputies, headed by the Deputy Speaker, visited homes, talked with residents, explained the essence and significance of the resolutions and decrees of the President.

Members of the working group also visited Bobomurod Avezov, a resident of the third sector of Nukus makhalla. His family has six people. His wife M. Turamuratova works at Khurshida Ortiqjon farm and her daughter Sh. Tursunboyeva at Ikhlosbek Bunyodbek Boburbek enterprise.

Representatives of people told family members that under the current conditions in the country, all opportunities are used to ensure employment and poverty reduction, various benefits are provided for citizens who want to do business.

Meetings of deputies of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis continued in the house of Erkaboy Bobonazarov, who lives in Jaloyir makhalla, which belongs to the fourth sector. The family has three people, the head of the family works at the farm “Muhammad Kanja Pakhtasi”.

Deputy Speaker at Esabiy makhalla also visited Khorezm Regional Scientific Experimental Station of the Research Institute of Vegetable Melon and Potato, gave recommendations on introducing new technologies into agriculture and creating new varieties.

Meetings of the working group, led by the Deputy Speaker, with the population of the region continue.


Press Secretary of

Khorezm Regional Council of UzLiDeP

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