UzLiDeP activists spent the funds accumulated for the Hajj on paving the road

08.07.2020, 16:45

UzLiDeP activists spent the funds accumulated for the Hajj on paving the road

Muborakhon Rakhimova, who lives in the house No. 106 on Yorkin Street, citizens’ assembly of Mingtepa makhalla, is an active entrepreneur, a member of UzLiDeP. Carries out activities in collaboration with deputy Bakhtiyorjon Abdullajonov, elected from the 7th electoral district “Matlubot”. She solves all problems in entrepreneurship together with a representative of people. Constantly provides assistance to low-income, needy families living in the makhalla.

There is no limit to noble deeds. Currently, the entrepreneur has carried out another good deed.

Most of the road on Yorkin Hayot Street became unusable. Nobody cared that people in rainy weather could hardly overcome a mess of dirt on the roads, and in the summer days breathe rising dust. The deputy, using his capabilities, was only able to install a lighting system so that people could at least see the road at a later time of the day. But the problem of paving the road did not find a solution. And only the initiative of M. Rakhimova inspired the representative of people.

“The offer of the entrepreneur to use the funds accumulated for Hajj to pave the road was unexpected”, B. Abdullajonov said. “Today, asphalting of 170 meters of the road has already been completed. The population is glad. Aksakals thank the entrepreneur. This 63-woman entrepreneur’s business has become an example to all”.

At all times they said: good deeds must be done every day. And by the example of the activities carried out, one can see that the ranks of good people are expanding.

Muharram Gulmatova,

Executive Secretary of Markhamat

District Council of UzLiDeP

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