New PPO united 20 members in Sharof Rashidov district

19.07.2020, 14:37

New PPO united 20 members in Sharof Rashidov district

Currently, there are 96 PPOs in Sharof Rashidov district, in the ranks of which 4170 people are united. In a pandemic, members of primary organizations, subject to quarantine rules, take an active part in “Generosity and Support” events.

Another PPO was organized in the district. A new primary party organization consisting of 20 members began to operate at the production enterprise “BAHORA TEXTILE PLYUS” under the leadership of UzLiDeP activist Feruza Norpulatova.

The enterprise was organized five years ago, in recent years it has been expanding its activities with the assistance of the district khokimiyat, the district council of people’s deputies. Recently, the working group consisting of the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the political council of UzLiDeP A. Khaitov, activists of the party and the district khokimiyat got acquainted with the activities of the enterprise.

Today the company has 4 sewing workshops employing more than 100 women. Currently, subject to quarantine rules, they produce children’s clothing, medical masks and other finished products.

“UzLiDep rendered assistance in establishing entrepreneurial activity”, said the head of the enterprise Feruza Norpulatova. “In my youth I was an activist of the “Youth Wing” of the party, took part in the events and contests held by the party. Thanks to the help of activists, the party became the winner of the regional stage of the republican review-competition “Tashabbus 2019”, took the second place. And today in our activities we feel the support of activists and deputies of the regional and district Councils of UzLiDeP. In this regard, we decided to create our own PPO at the enterprise”.

Members of the new primary party organization set themselves the following tasks: providing women with jobs, training them in their professions, assisting deputies in solving the problems of girls graduates.

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