House damaged by fire restored with the help of a deputy

03.08.2020, 15:00

House damaged by fire restored with the help of a deputy

Azat Matmuratov, member of UzLiDeP deputy group in Takhiatash District Councils of People’s Deputies, justifies the confidence of the electorate by his actions.

Representative of people received an appeal from a disabled person of the 1st group Bakhit Bodanova, living in Takhiatash district, CAM “Nurli keleshek”, st. M.Mamedov, house 52, with a request for assistance in restoring a house damaged by a fire.

As it became known, in 2012, a gas cylinder exploded in her house, a housewife, her son and daughter were injured. Three of her children are currently receiving disability benefits.

The four-room house built by her husband was damaged in a fire. Until now, the family did not have the funds to renovate the house.

Representative of people held a conversation with the hostess of the house, examined the condition of the house and purchased construction materials at her own expense.

Together with the staff of the improvement department, which he leads, organized the repair of the house.

It should not be forgotten that behind every appeal lies the fate of a person. Human interests are above all.

Press Service of

Karakalpak Council of UzLiDeP

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