Water problem resolves in Novkat and Pandiron villages

14.08.2020, 15:29

Water problem resolves in Novkat and Pandiron villages

Residents of Novkat and Pandiron villages of Kasbin district sent an appeal to the deputy of Kasbin district council of UzLiDeP Nodira Kurbanova in connection with problems in irrigation of household lands and fields of farms.

Having studied the problem, the representative of people, within the framework of her powers, sent a deputy request to the head of Amu-Kashkadarya basin administration of irrigation systems. As a result, 105 “LR-60” trays were installed, which provided an opportunity for irrigation of household lands of residents of Novkat and Pondiron villages and fields of territorial farms.

The long-term problem was solved thanks to the actions of the deputy, which made the voters very happy.

Press Service of

Kashkadarya Regional

Council of UzLiDeP

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