On the eve of the National Holiday

24.08.2020, 10:21

On the eve of the National Holiday

On August 18 this year, a regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Political Council of the Movement of Entrepreneurs and Businesspeople – the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan took place.

At the meeting, organized via videoconference, the implementation in the first half of this year of the Pre-election platform and the UzLiDeP Action Program for 2020, as well as the current tasks facing the party structures and the deputy corps elected from the party were discussed in detail.

Activities of all party structures over the past period have been analyzed from an analytical and critical point of view. It was noted that activities carried out were organized on the basis of important instructions given in the Address of the Head of the state to the Oliy Majlis of January 24, 2020.

Based on the specific facts, the participants spoke about each party work carried out, the identified shortcomings, on which the appropriate conclusions were made. Proposals and recommendations were given for their gradual elimination on the basis of carefully developed plans and programs.

Measures for the preparation and worthy celebration of the 29th Anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan were approved at the meeting. A unified concept has been developed for conducting promotion and outreach activities in central and regional party organizations and organizing thematic party projects under the motto «You are a source of strength, a land of happiness, dear Uzbekistan!» Tasks have been outlined to ensure the conduction of events organized in the center and at places in accordance with the ideological positions of the party, as well as monitoring the achievement of the effectiveness of the outreach tasks.

At the event, tasks facing party organizations in connection with phased mitigation of quarantine measures in the Republic of Uzbekistan have been discussed. Participants of the meeting noted that in accordance with the decision of the Special Republican Commission, lockdown restrictions are being softened for the population and business entities. However, regional and district Councils of the party should pay special attention to further ensuring the maintenance of social distance, wearing masks, strict compliance with the requirements of disinfection and sanitation, in general, not repeating previous mistakes. This, in particular, concerns the organization of relevant performances in the media, as well as the increase in the number of effective outreach events under the motto «With iron discipline and patience, we will definitely overcome all trials».

The importance of expanding the active participation of members of deputy groups of UzLiDeP in local Councils of people's deputies in carrying out explanatory work on the gradual mitigation of lockdown measures in the regions, districts, cities and towns was also noted.

Appropriate decisions were made on all the issues considered at the meeting.

UzLiDeP Press Service

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