UzLiDeP deputy takes care of needy families

09.09.2020, 10:21

UzLiDeP deputy takes care of needy families

Today, the main daily task of every official is to improve the living standards of people, strengthen a healthy lifestyle in families, and, most importantly, ensure peace in the country and develop our country.

On the eve of the 29th anniversary of the country's independence, deputy Nargiza Muhammadiyeva set herself the goal to provide assistance to families in need.

Deputy of Namangan regional council of people's deputies Nargiza Muhammadiyeva visited all the houses in Gulbog, Yakkabog, Sanoat, Oltitosh, Yakkatut makhallas belonging to the 4th sector and studied the state of needy families. During the study, she explained to families in need that in order to get out of poverty, one should do a business and earn income, and helped in obtaining soft loans. The working group divided families into medium needy, needy and especially needy. Medium needy families were given a loan, helped to establish entrepreneurial activity. Needy families were provided with food products. Especially needy families were provided with financial assistance, persons with disabilities were issued orders for treatment.

During the study, it was revealed that the most needy is the family living in house No. 23, belonging to the 4th sector on Tadbirkor Street in CAM Sanoat. The owner of the family, Madina Abdurazzakova, supports her husband and 2 children with disabilities. She was given a sewing machine so that she could be engaged in sewing business and receive income, with the assistance of Namangan city branch of the People's Bank.

The deputy also paid attention to the family of Inobatkhon Usmanova, living at CAM Gulbog, Chortok 9, house No. 6. Mrs. Inobatkhon worked as a cleaner, became disabled of the 1st group due to an accident. Her family was provided with food and medicine with the help of sponsors.

Muazzam Vorisova,

Head of Department of Namangan

Regional Council of UzLiDeP

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