Regular meeting of UzLiDeP Political Council

14.09.2020, 10:34

Regular meeting of UzLiDeP Political Council

On September 11 this year, a regular meeting of the Political Council of the Movement of Entrepreneurs and Businesspeople – the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan (UzLiDeP) was held. The results of work on ensuring the implementation of the Program of comprehensive measures of the party within the framework of the State Program “Year of Science, Enlightenment and the Digital Economy Development”, as well as tasks for the future were considered from a critical and analytical point of view, via videoconference.

At the meeting, it was noted that life poses urgent important tasks for UzLiDeP. And this is natural, since the country has now entered an absolutely new stage of its development. As the Head of the state emphasized, “in Uzbekistan, the foundation is being laid for a new Renaissance Era – the Third Renaissance. After all, today’s Uzbekistan is not yesterday’s Uzbekistan. And our people are not the same as they were yesterday”.

The participants of the event in their speeches said that “there is no doubt that we will definitely achieve our goals”. The goals set are based on a noble aspiration – to improve the life of people of the country, to fully ensure their rights, freedoms and legitimate interests. The principle “Human interests above all else” has become the essence and content of the large-scale reforms being carried out in the country. It was emphasized that it would not be a mistake to say that human interests have become the main idea leading the country to the third renaissance.

UzLiDeP is confident that in this period, which is the era of a radical turn in the life of Uzbekistan, entrepreneurs, businesspeople and farmers play an important role, serving as the locomotive of society – leading society forward to new horizons. Moreover, it is these strata of the population that, through their creative work, ensure a high quality of life not only for their families, but also for the wellbeing of the entire society.

This puts especially important tasks on UzLiDeP, which acts in the political arena of Uzbekistan precisely from this stratum of the population. To fulfill their mission to the country and people, to ensure the country’s transition to a completely new, innovative stage of development, representatives of the locomotive segment of the population, which has become the leading force of society, need to make their own contribution to creating a broad path for development of small business and private entrepreneurship and the farming movement.

Summing up the results of the work of the party structures over the past period, it was noted that it is with this approach that the assigned tasks should be considered and on this basis to take competitive and effective measures. At the same time, the need to set tasks covering the development of entrepreneurship and strengthening the attractiveness of the investment environment for foreign investors in the country, the modernization of agriculture, the expansion of foreign economic relations, the introduction of modern technologies for the production of export-oriented products and materials, the introduction of modern principles and mechanisms for streamlining banking activities was emphasized.

In this direction, it is important to efficiently fulfill the tasks outlined in the party’s electoral program. In particular, this is the consistent practical implementation of the noble idea “Every family is an entrepreneur”, the formation of an entrepreneurial culture in society, the introduction of entrepreneurship lessons into the education system from school to universities, the establishment of the Academy of Entrepreneurs, the organization of consulting centers for young people interested in entrepreneurship. It is advisable to critically review the work aimed at achieving the assigned tasks and act on the basis of a new strategy and new approaches. Frankly speaking, it cannot be said that work in this direction is being carried out at the level expected by the voters.

Another important and urgent issue is the need to develop the business and investment codes as soon as possible. The creation of a simple, understandable, accessible legislative framework for entrepreneurs and investors depends on how the party activists can systematically and efficiently organize work in this direction.

At the meeting, the issues of improving the activities of the Youth Wing – one of the important links of the party, establishing systematic work with higher education institutions, youth organizations to widely attract young people to the ranks of the party were considered. So, as of September 1, 2020, the ranks of the Youth Wing consisted of 390,130 people, which is 52 percent of the total number of party members. In terms of quality, the Youth Wing consists of 45.1% students, 22% entrepreneurs, 7% education workers, 6.3% representatives of the farmers’ movement, 5.6% employees of administrative departments, 14% (54.290) – from other spheres.

One of the important tasks of the party is to unite the youth around the common ideology of UzLiDeP, to create a new mechanism for the broad and effective participation of young men and women in the outreach work of the party. The meeting participants noted that today a roadmap has been developed for program measures aimed at revising the activities of the Youth Wing, proceeding from the new requirements for the importance of expanding the ranks of the party at the expense of young people with deep knowledge and loyalty to the Motherland, and the need for support in the implementation of their potential and aspirations. “If the work is organized systematically and on this basis effective cooperation with young people is established, then the work of the party as a whole will intensify”, was noted at the event.

In this regard, the meeting contained theses from the speech of the President of the country at the solemn ceremony dedicated to the twenty-ninth anniversary of independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan, in particular, that the work begun on the liberalization of all spheres of society, the establishment of freedom of speech and press, the principles of openness and transparency, the establishment of effective public control over the activities of public authorities has become an irreversible process.

In this aspect, it is timely to revise the activities of UzLiDeP in the direction of working with the media on the basis of modern requirements, improve the website, official pages on social networks and blogs, in particular, introduce new methods of using the Internet and increase the speeches of the party leadership, members of the faction, representatives of regional organizations on the web pages. This is due to the fact that the media are the most effective means of communicating and exercising public control.

A number of important tasks were assigned to the UzLiDeP faction in the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis. This is the practical implementation of the main directions of lawmaking based on the Action Strategy, monitoring the use of local benefits provided to the population and entrepreneurs in accordance with the adopted decrees and resolutions of the Head of the state, analyzing the implementation of measures to reduce poverty, setting up discussions of draft laws in party organizations.

Organizational issues included in the agenda were also discussed at the meeting.

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