Why did 21 deputy inquiries remain unanswered in Nishan?

29.10.2020, 10:09

Why did 21 deputy inquiries remain unanswered in Nishan?

At the meeting of Nishan district council of UzLiDeP, the results of the party’s work for 9 months were summed up and the fact that 21 deputy inquiries sent by deputies of the district Council of people’s deputies to officials of executive bodies remain unanswered, were criticized.

Meanwhile, these inquiries touched upon the pressing problems of people. If a deputy has taken up the solution of these problems, they need to be solved. If an official of the executive body has not responded to the request within 10 days, a repeated request should be sent. If there is no response to the repeated request, the issue should be decided in court. But can a deputy file a complaint to a court against an official? That is, will he find the strength to submit such a complaint? And do the deputies have the courage to file such a complaint? Are there any credentials? And therefore, the issues remain unresolved.

21 deputies’ inquiry of the deputies of Nishan district Council, left unanswered, belittles the authority of the people’s representatives before the voters. And the deputies understand this. The head of Nishan district council of UzLiDeP Sobir Boymurodov spoke about this, he also noted the inconsistency with the requirements of the time of the activities of deputies Y. Muhammadiyev, elected from the 27th electoral district Kirkkuloch, O. Rajabova, elected from the 25th electoral district Chulkvar and M.Sheraliyeva, elected from the 14th electoral district Sokhibkor, and if they do not change the method of work, do not responsibly treat the assigned powers, then this issue will be considered at a meeting of the district council.

At the meeting, tasks were outlined for eliminating the shortcomings made by members and deputies of the regional Council of the party and plans for the future. Appropriate decisions were made on the issues considered.

 Press Service of Kashkadarya

Regional Council of UzLiDeP

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