Competition of Fergana women entrepreneurs

29.10.2020, 10:08

Competition of Fergana women entrepreneurs

Fergana regional Council of UzLiDeP conducts the district (city) stages of “Ishbilarmon Ayol” competition. Thanks to such competitions, new women entrepreneurs working in various fields are identified.

Minojatkhon Kholmirzayeva started her entrepreneurial activity in 2017 in the Turk village. Today, the family enterprise “Izzatsher, Ibratsher Fayzi” under her leadership is engaged in sewing outerwear for children and adults. She also opened a modern non-state preschool education institution “Temurbeklar” in a two-story building, where, along with raising children, they teach English and Russian.

Products of the sewing enterprise are sold in the domestic market and exported to Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. However, this family has another business. They grow seedlings of flowers, ornamental trees and, on the basis of a contract, deliver them to district organizations and institutions.

At the district stage of “Ishbilarmon Ayol” competition, the jury declared Minojatkhon Kholmirzayeva the winner. She was awarded a ticket to the regional stage of the competition.

Fergana city stage of the competition was also organized at a high level. At this stage, the first place was awarded to the head of the city family enterprise “Sodiqjon va Donokhon” Donokhon Khamrakulova.

D.Khamrokulova is engaged in publication of children’s magazines known in the country “Bilimdon”, “Dono Word”. These magazines are published in three languages. Children all over the country read these magazines with interest. The entrepreneur employed 70 people.

The competition noted the role and merits of women farmers in development of sectors of the economy, private and small business, national handicrafts, providing employment for women and improving the wellbeing of families.

 Shokhsulton Tukhtamatov,

Press Secretary of Fergana

Regional Council of UzLiDeP.

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