Industrial grapes planted on a thousand hectares in Ellikkala

13.11.2020, 10:20

Industrial grapes planted on a thousand hectares in Ellikkala

Uzbekistan attaches priority importance to development of horticulture and increasing export potential. Just as in the main branches of agriculture high-quality seeds are considered the guarantor of a good harvest, so in horticulture, healthy seedlings provide a bountiful harvest.

Karakalpakstan has a great agricultural potential. Ellikkala has a lot of fertile land and excellent farmers. Therefore, much attention is paid to development of horticulture in this region and provision of jobs and food through this population. For this purpose, vineyards were planted on a thousand hectares.

This was discussed at a workshop in Ellikkala district dedicated to the cultivation of industrial grape varieties.

At the workshop, which was attended by specialists in the sphere, the Chairman of the Council of Farmers, Dehkan Farms and Owners of Household Lands Aktam Khaitov, heads of agricultural enterprises, spoke about the work carried out in the country in recent years to develop viticulture.

At the workshop, views were exchanged on establishment of grape plantations, taking into account the soil and climatic conditions of the region, the development of viticulture, the development of new varieties, the widespread introduction of new irrigation technologies in horticulture and viticulture.

“Among fruits and berries, grapes are distinguished by high productivity, good taste of fruits and adaptation to various soil conditions”, said A. Khaitov. – About forty varieties of grapes are grown in our country. In the Republic of Karakalpakstan, the initiators are allocated 8 thousand hectares of land for the establishment of grape plantations. It is noteworthy that the work performed by entrepreneurs will be paid not only from their own funds, but bank branches will provide them with financial assistance.

At the workshop, tasks were identified to increase the cultivation of industrial grapes, the establishment of new plantations, detailed information was provided on the application of new technologies in the care and processing of fruit trees and vineyards.

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