New transformer in Chumbogich

23.11.2020, 10:41

New transformer in Chumbogich

Residents of CAM Chumbogich of Andijan district constantly face the problem of uninterrupted power supply, which is especially noticeable in the autumn/winter period. After repeated appeals of the villagers to the appropriate authorities, they turned for help to the deputy of the regional Council of people’s deputies Jasurbek Rejavaliyev, who studied this problem.

“The issue is very serious and complicated”, said deputy J.Rejavaliyev. – In the course of work aimed at studying the preparation of this territory for the autumn/winter season and providing assistance in solving problems, we tried to solve this issue as well. It was found that it was necessary to install a high voltage transformer. And according to the results of the repair and restoration work, the problem was eliminated. Residents are very pleased with the intervention and assistance of the deputy in solving their pressing problems, and the main thing for the deputy is to justify the trust placed in them.

And as the villagers noted, there would be more such responsible deputies.

 Odinakhon TURGUNOVA,

Head of Department for Working with Deputies of

Andijan Regional Council of UzLiDeP

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