A master class organized in the house of Syrdarya craftswoman Farzona Otakhonova

14.12.2020, 12:24

A master class organized in the house of Syrdarya craftswoman Farzona Otakhonova

The Department for Youth Affairs together with the Department of Entrepreneurship of Syrdarya Regional Council of UzLiDeP held a meeting on “Entrepreneurship: opportunities and prospects”. The event was attended by workers of regional, district Councils of the party, young people planning to do business and handicrafts. Particular attention was paid to the involvement of unemployed women, or those without a permanent job, in the production process.

The participants of the meeting got acquainted with the activities of the artisan – a resident of Syrdarya district Farzona Otakhonova.

Craftsman Farzona Otakhonova from a young age was independent girl. At one time, grandmother and mother Muhabbathon, were famous masters of their craft. Having mastered the profession of a grandmother and a mother, the sisters Haqiqatkhon and Shamsiyakhon also became skilled craftsmen. However, Farzona never followed how they worked, was not seriously interested in this matter. And when she began to study at the National Institute of Arts and Design named after Kamoliddin Bekhzod, simultaneously with an interest in the fine arts, she developed a love for sewing, national handicrafts. Now she began to create souvenirs, visual aids from unnecessary material, such as hemp or bark of some tree, paper. Everyone admired her works.

And today, simultaneously with teaching fine arts and technology at school No. 40 in Syrdarya district, she is engaged in handicrafts. Farzona assists in decorating all preschool education institutions of the district.

She with her products annually participates in various competitions of the republican, regional, district scale and each time wins them.

While showing an exhibition of her works, Farzona also noted that the profession of a craftsman brings her a good income. She encouraged the participants to master a profession.

The meeting took place in an interesting and friendly atmosphere.


Chief of Staff of Syrdarya

District Council of UzLiDeP

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