Deputy helps to solve the problem

14.12.2020, 12:23

Deputy helps to solve the problem

With the practical assistance of Svetlana Mamutova, a deputy of Khojeyli District Council of the Movement of Entrepreneurs and Businesspeople – the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan, a natural gas pipeline was connected to the house of Gulsara Seybullayeva, a resident of “Vodnik” city citizens’ assembly.

The deputy visited Gulsara Seybullayeva in her house No. 40 on Tulkin street, got acquainted with her living conditions and listened to problems. Mrs. Gulsara is a teacher with 35 years of experience. She is currently retired.

Despite the fact that a gas pipeline has long existed near the house of the citizen, since 2009 she still used firewood for cooking and heating.

She did not have the financial ability to bring this gas into the house. The husband is busy collecting firewood every day. The people’s representative immediately contacted the relevant organizations and called a specialist from the gas network. Together with the aksakal of the aul Kuptileu Ospanov, they purchased necessary pipes at their own expense and supplied gas to the pensioner’s house.

As a result, the problem of the voter was solved with the assistance of the deputy. In reality, there are no big or small problems. We must not forget that there is a human life behind every problem. For, in Uzbekistan, human interests are above all.


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