Deputies of Samarkand study entrepreneurs’ problems

14.12.2020, 12:20

Deputies of Samarkand study entrepreneurs’ problems

Meetings of deputies with businesspeople are held in Samarkand to systematically study and eliminate a number of problems that hinder the accelerated development of small business and private entrepreneurship, and restrict freedom of entrepreneurial activity.

Diversified farm of a cluster type “Navobod nasli parranda” of Samarkand district hosted a forum “Dialogue of deputies and entrepreneurs”.

Heads of sectors of Samarkand district and deputies of the regional and district Councils, elected from UzLiDeP, took part in the forum.

At the event, problems of entrepreneurs were considered. For example, entrepreneur Abdujabbor Umarov noted that it is necessary to measure the bonitet of land plots, and that heads of farms suffer for the lack of such a system in the region. And this leads to fair indignation of farmers.

In addition, it was noted that in summer, farmers have problems with water supply, that is, the issue was raised about the need for a new water supply network to irrigate fields.

The head of the diversified cluster-type farm “Navobod naslli parranda” Haydar Urokov proposed to broaden the popularization of the practical work of farmers and entrepreneurs with advanced experience, as well as introduce a system of experience exchange.

Following the lively dialogue, participants came to the conclusion that it was necessary to send a deputy request to relevant organizations on the issues raised.

Press Service of Samarkand

regional Council of UzLiDeP

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