Did the problem of entrepreneurs find a solution at Mubarak meeting?

18.12.2020, 10:56

Did the problem of entrepreneurs find a solution at Mubarak meeting?

Mubarak district hosted a dialogue between the deputies of the local Council of people’s deputies and entrepreneurs operating on the territory of the mahalla citizens’ assembly “Sariq”.

Employees of banks, tax and financial authorities of the district, the district hokimiyat and the regional Council of the party took part in the event, held within the framework of the “Dialogue of deputies and entrepreneurs” forum of the Movement of Entrepreneurs and Businesspeople – the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan, together with people’s representatives.

In the course of uncompromising dialogues, many appeals from entrepreneurs and citizens of the village were studied, some of them were resolved on the spot. In particular, citizen Tolib Kholmirzayev, with the assistance of the bank, purchased 2 sheep for 3 million soums, but the bank demanded to pay an additional 600 thousand soums. This problem was studied with participation of a bank employee and the required additional funds were withdrawn from Tolib Kholmirzayev.

Bekzod Turayev, who is preparing to open a small enterprise for the production of sweets, was pleased that he took part in the event. Because he received the necessary information from the bank’s specialists to obtain a loan of 40 million soums. Kholmirza Choriyev said that he had been trying for a long time to open a small enterprise for packing salt, and could not find a solution to this issue. Employees of district tax, financial authorities and the bank gave appropriate recommendations on this issue.

Aktam Sheraliyev complained that the land in the villages on the territory of “Sariq” MCA is getting salted, as a result of which the trees on the household plots of the population dry up. It was determined that this issue will be studied by the deputies and a deputy’s request will be sent to the relevant organizations.

The dialogues in Mubarak district were very interesting. The main thing is that each of the 20 entrepreneurs and citizens who took part in the dialogue received the necessary recommendations, consultations and useful suggestions.

 Press Service of Kashkadarya

regional Council of UzLiDeP

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