Jizzakh hosts a workshop aimed at developing household plots of the population

18.12.2020, 10:55

Jizzakh hosts a workshop aimed at developing household plots of the population

The Council of Farmers, Dehkan Farms and Owners of Household Lands, together with Jizzakh regional Council of UzLiDeP, organized workshops in Zaamin and Gallaaral districts of the region to explain the importance and exchange of experience on the effective use of household plots.

Issues of sowing crops of “tuqsonbosti”, construction of greenhouses on household plots of the population, delivery of seeds, seedlings, popularization of effective methods of work were discussed at these workshops with participation of the Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis, the head of UzLiDeP faction Aktam Khaitov, heads of local sectors, deputies, industry specialists, chairmen of mahallas and their deputies on household plots and the population of mahallas.

In ensuring food security, which is one of the current issues during the pandemic, the use of household lands of the population is an extremely important task. It should be noted that in this sense, a number of effective measures are being implemented at places.

The participants of the workshop, who visited the house of a resident of “Oqtepa” mahalla of Zaamin district, entrepreneur Gayrat Abduraimov, were convinced of this. According to the data, onions and garlic have been planted on 128.8 hectares of the household plot of the population. It is planned that vegetable crops will be planted on 334.3 hectares of household plots according to “tuqsonbosti” method. At present they have already been planted on 181.5 hectares. On the household plots of the population, 41 greenhouses (1-1.5 acres) were built. This year, on the basis of the principle “One mahalla – one product”, measures are being taken to profile houses in 10 mahalla citizens’ assemblies to grow a certain type of crops, to obtain crops two or three times a year.

At the workshop, in order to complete the sowing work on 285 hectares of household plots of the population of “tuqsonbosti” crops, the delivery of agricultural products to the population on the basis of the “from a field to a store” principle, issues of organizing the construction of 9 field stores of light construction and small refrigerated warehouses in MCA Navoi, Uzbekistan, Kurgon, Gallakor, practical measures in this direction were outlined.

At the workshop, which continued on the fields of the farm “Kholmuminov Zokhid” of Sharaf Rashidov district, the experience of the head of the farm, an UzLiDeP activist, deputy of the district Council of people’s deputies Sharofat Noriyeva on the effective use of every piece of land was directly studied. A production cooperative “Olmachi shunqorlari” was established in the farm where floriculture, goat breeding, sheep breeding, poultry farming, rabbit breeding and other areas have been established to provide assistance to the population during the pandemic. At this time, on an area of ​​over 17 hectares, 55 workers grow more than 10 types of crops. In the course of familiarization with the farmer’s activities, the participants drew special attention to the possibility of creating the necessary conditions for those wishing to engage not only in a personal plot, but also in poultry farming, rabbit breeding, cattle breeding.

Following the workshop, specific measures were agreed to establish mutual cooperation to ensure the execution of the discussed tasks, to study each request for assistance in the development of household farming.

Press Service of Jizzakh

regional Council of UzLiDeP

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