Deputies support young talents

24.12.2020, 15:05

Deputies support young talents

Young people wishing to contribute to the prosperity of the country with their creativity are like tender sprouts that need warmth, soil and care. Lack of proper care can lead to the death of the shoots. So it is with young talents. They can only be developed with care, attention and stimulation.

An entrepreneur, deputy of Namangan regional Council of UzLiDeP, Olimkhon Babakhanov, provides practical support to young talents.

“Namangan Haqiqati” newspaper’s editorial office hosted the awarding ceremony of the “Short Stories” competition winners. It was held to identify young talented journalists, as well as their material and moral support, especially those living in remote areas and their PR promotion.

According to the decision of the jury, the first, second and third places were taken, respectively, by the stories “Halol” by Shahzod Ergashaliyev, “Omonat” by Masuma Sobirjonova, “Muhabbat” by Yakhyobek Kamolov, and by the decision of the readers, the first, second and third places were taken, respectively, by the stories “Sandiq” Dilafruz Tuychiyeva, “Khotiraga qaytish” by Azimjon Muminov, “Kuyov” by Khusain Tursunov.

Consolation prizes were awarded for “Detailed Story” nomination – the story “Sunggi Imkon” by Nigora Muhammad, in the “Effective Story” nomination – “Tuhfa” by Oybek Yusuf, in the “Instructive Story” nomination – “Gunokh” by Otabek Kobilov.

The sponsor of the competition, Olimkhon Babakhanov, presented valuable gifts to the winners.

Press Service of Namangan

Regional Council of UzLiDeP

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