The Women’s Wing of UzLiDeP develops an Action Plan based on the tasks outlined in the Address

02.02.2021, 11:04

The Women’s Wing of UzLiDeP develops an Action Plan based on the tasks outlined in the Address

The Department for Working with Women of the Executive Committee of the Political Council of UzLiDeP organized a meeting dedicated to the priority tasks of the Women’s Wing arising from the President’s Address to the Oliy Majlis.

The online event was attended by representatives of regional councils of the Women’s Wing, deputies of local councils, and women entrepreneurs.

It was noted that significant work is being carried out to strengthen the role of women in state and public administration, to ensure their equal rights in all areas.

As a result of reforms to increase the role of women in public administration in the new composition of the Parliament, 30 percent are women. In the regional, city and district hokimiyats, the position of the hokim’s adviser on women’s issues was introduced.

As the next step in enhancing the role and status of women in society, creating new opportunities for them, the Head of the state proposed to form a Republican Public Women’s Council, which will include active and enterprising women who have life experience and know firsthand the problems of women.

More than 1 trillion soums will be additionally allocated from the budget to support women’s business projects and to solve the problems of women identified at places.

Based on this, the party intends to revise its activities in the direction of working with women and make every effort to raise this work to a qualitatively new level. Now an important task of the party is to implement new projects to increase the activity of women. In particular, it is planned to improve the “Ishbilarmon Ayol” review competition among women interested in entrepreneurship and who want to start their own business, as well as the projects “Bunyodkor Ayollar”, “Farovon Oila”, “Namunali Tomorqachi”, “Sog’lom Oila - Mustahkam Oila”. Despite the difficult conditions associated with the pandemic, in 2020, within the framework of these projects, almost a thousand women were allocated loans in the amount of 5 billion soums, and assistance was provided to establish entrepreneurship. As a result, 1,500 women were employed.

As a result of “Ishbilarmon Ayol – 2020” review competition held by the Women’s Wing of the party, 100 women entrepreneurs were identified. 34 primary party organizations were organized, more than 1000 women joined the party.

Within the framework of “Sog’lom Oila – Mustahkam Oila” project, 2,086 events were held, which covered 23,488 women. 190 medical examinations were organized free of charge, during which 6,313 people underwent qualified medical examination.

Another important task of the Women’s Wing of the party was the development of the Program for Poverty Reduction in the Regions for 2020-2021. Under this program, women were actively involved in entrepreneurship. And in turn, activists and entrepreneurs of the party, in order to implement this Program, provided material assistance to thousands of needy families.

At the meeting, opinions and proposals were expressed for improving these projects, developing new ones. A program of comprehensive measures of the Women’s Wing of the party, aimed at involving women in entrepreneurship, their vocational training with the assistance of experienced entrepreneurs, providing employment and thereby eliminating poverty, was approved for the current year.

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