Deputies studied the problems of Oqdaryo entrepreneurs

02.02.2021, 11:04

Deputies studied the problems of Oqdaryo entrepreneurs

Forum “Dialogue of Deputies and Entrepreneurs” promotes the establishment of cooperation with officials to study activities and provide assistance, in accordance with applicable law, entrepreneurs, businesspeople and small businesses.

The next meeting of the deputy group of Samarkand regional Council of UzLiDeP and the “Dialogue of Deputies and Entrepreneurs” forum were held in cooperation with Oqdaryo regional hokimiyat. At the forum, the responsible persons of the district hokimiyat, district branches of commercial banks gave legal advice to young people wishing to start their own business.

The forum participant, entrepreneur Shodiyor Abduvokhidov, announced his intention to build a mini-football ground in Pichoqchi mahalla, but for a year he could not resolve the issue of allocating land. The district hokimiyat promised to resolve this issue.

During the dialogue, appeals of entrepreneurs and citizens were studied and resolved on the spot. In particular, an agreement was reached on the allocation of a loan to the young businessman Shakhriyor Soliyev by the Khalq Bank JSCB for the construction of a car wash in Pichoqchi mahalla.

School No. 30 in the mahalla was built by businessman Tolib Abduvokhidov in the 80s, the building needs renovation. A request was made to include this school in the 2021 State Program.

A resident of the mahalla, Elyor Jalolov, applied for a loan of 200 million soums to start a blacksmith business. And his problem was also resolved positively. The loan will be allocated by the Central Bank.

All the problems discussed at the forum were taken under the control of deputies and representatives of partner organizations.

Press Service of Samarkand

Regional Council of UzLiDeP

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