Ensuring peace of a neighbor brings you peace!

02.02.2021, 11:03

Ensuring peace of a neighbor brings you peace!

Following this principle, in recent years, main attention has been paid to strengthening mutually beneficial ties and reliable partnerships with neighboring countries.

It can be noted that the tasks outlined in the President’s Address to the Oliy Majlis, touching upon foreign policy issues, contribute to the establishment of friendship, mutual respect and good neighborliness and raise them to a qualitatively new level. The Address highlighted the firm belief in the need for establishing peace in Afghanistan and that Uzbekistan will continue to provide practical assistance in this direction, will contribute to intensifying actions to establish peace and resolve the Afghan conflict at the international level. Moreover, such an approach to the Afghan issue will become an impetus for further development of work on reorganizing the economy of this country, developing the social sphere, forming scientific potential, and a full-fledged system of enlightenment and education.

In his Address, the President noted that the first practical steps have been taken to implement the project for the construction of the Trans-Afghan transport corridor, which will connect Central Asia with the Indian Ocean. Its implementation will serve as a bridge linking Afghanistan with Central and South Asia, as well as ensuring stability and sustainable economic development throughout the region. Also, this initiative will be of particular importance for the stable development and joining of Afghanistan to regional trade and economic ties, will provide a peaceful economy as an important condition for a stable situation. This will provide additional opportunities for enhancing the transit potential of the Central Asian countries and will become an important factor in the design and implementation of transport and energy projects in Afghanistan. Will connect the capital of the country – Kabul with the outside world, will be a great contribution to the development of the country’s infrastructure.

In short, the Head of the state in his Address expressed his firm belief that it is necessary to end the armed conflict that has lasted for 40 years in Afghanistan and establish peace in the neighboring country. The goal is clear. It is necessary to create the necessary conditions for its implementation – to establish peace in Afghanistan, ensure regional security and economic growth in Central Asia.


Member of the Committee on International Affairs and

Inter-Parliamentary Relations

of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis

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