New opportunities and preferences for entrepreneurs

25.01.2021, 16:35

New opportunities and preferences for entrepreneurs

105 licenses and permits are canceled, rules for 115 are simplified

Small business and private entrepreneurship are considered one of the foundations of economic development. In the period of difficult trials that befell our people last year, we all became witnesses that entrepreneurs on par with the state contributed to ensuring the stability of the economy.

In 2020, despite difficult conditions, under the leadership of the Head of the state, prompt measures were taken to support business, sufficient resources were allocated, and the necessary conditions were created. There was a common goal – to increase the number of entrepreneurs, create new jobs.

This year, the creation of conditions for the development of entrepreneurship and small business will continue. Assistance will be provided to restore the activities of entrepreneurs who faced a shortage of working capital during the pandemic.

In his Address to the Oliy Majlis, the Head of the state paid special attention to this issue and noted that in order to financially support entrepreneurship within the framework of family entrepreneurship programs, this year concessional loans in the amount of 6 trillion soums will be allocated. An additional $100 million will be allocated to expand the program for enhancing entrepreneurship in rural areas, launched by the Government in cooperation with the World Bank.

It is known that 4 years ago a moratorium was declared on conducting inspections of business entities. As a result, over the past period the number of entrepreneurs has doubled and reached 400 thousand. In this regard, the Head of the state put forward a proposal to extend the moratorium for another year.

The Government plans to introduce mechanisms aimed at eliminating the shadow economy to create an atmosphere of equal competition in the markets and provide comprehensive support to honestly working entrepreneurs.

Certainly, the measures taken in the country to radically improve the business and investment environment, eliminate bureaucratic obstacles, and improve outdated rules that do not meet the requirements of the times, deserve attention. So work in this direction has created a solid foundation for the liberalization of the licensing system, issuing permits and the beginning of a new stage of the institutional reform.

However, at present, it is required to create more opportunities for the activities of business entities by further improving the licensing and permitting procedure. Otherwise, with excessive bureaucracy and other obstacles, entrepreneurial activity will not develop, which will negatively affect the rate of economic growth and provide an opportunity for abuse and outside pressure.

As noted in the Address, for the convenience of entrepreneurs, 105 types of licenses and permits will be canceled, procedures for obtaining 115 types of such documents will also be simplified. This will provide great opportunities for starting and conducting certain types of activities.

The draft law “On the procedure for licensing, issuing permits and informing”, introduced by the government to implement this initiative, was considered in the first reading at the recent meeting of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis.

Developed with the aim of systematizing the national legislation in licensing and issuing permits, the draft law provides for a generalization of the existing laws “On licensing certain types of activities” and “On the procedure for issuing permits entrepreneurial activity” and the adoption of a single legal document.

According to the document, licensing, issuance of permits and information will be carried out only through a special electronic system – through the information system “License” and a single portal of interactive government services.

The proposed bill, in connection with the provision of documents for licensing and obtaining permits in electronic format, provides for the abolition of the issuance of duplicates and the institution of drawing up a license agreement. At the same time, it is envisaged to simplify the procedure for considering the documents submitted for licensing and obtaining permits.

In our opinion, in the event that the authorized body does not make an appropriate decision within the time specified in the draft law, after the claimant has paid the state duty and fees, a special electronic system is obliged to issue him licensing and permits. At the same time, the plaintiff should not be held liable for carrying out activities without licensing and permits.

In conclusion, we can say that the main purpose of the document is to streamline relations associated with licensing certain types of activities, issuing permits for entrepreneurial activities. The adoption of the draft law will serve to improve the licensing and permitting procedures, and most importantly, to improve the business and investment climate in the country.


Deputy Speaker of the Legislative

Chamber of the Oliy Majlis

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