Why does an entrepreneur need an old building in a mahalla?

08.02.2021, 11:25

Why does an entrepreneur need an old building in a mahalla?

The problems of the local population were studied at the reception of the deputy of Nurata district council and Navoi regional council of people’s deputies S. Zakirov, held at Alisher Navoi CAM of Nurata district with participation of 100 voters.

Unemployment issues, issuance of loans, benefits, introduction of projects into programs were considered.

The problem of a resident of the mahalla M. Fayziyeva on the employment of her children was resolved on the spot by an employee of the district employment department, and the appeal of O. Akhatova, who lives in house No. 40 on Sodiqjon Siddikov Street about benefits for children under 2 and its legal justification, was explained by the employee of the district branch of the off-budget pension fund.

According to the appeal of the private entrepreneur D. Saidova, the factors hindering the receipt of preferential loans in large volumes were studied, and the deputies and representatives of official organizations indicated measures to restore the allocation of loans, for certain reasons withdrawn from the district program.

At the meeting, a specialist of the district branch of the People’s Bank presented information that for women included in “Temir Daftar”, preferential loans in the amount of up to 33 million soums are provided, 346 women have been included in the notebook on a district scale, but if they have already received loans they are not eligible to take advantage of the benefits provided.

The mahalla entrepreneur M. Shakharova spoke at the event and said that she has been engaged in embroidery for 20 years, at this time decided to renovate the old building in the mahalla, expand entrepreneurship and create 91 new jobs for unemployed women.

M. Shakharova received the following response to her appeal: the building had already been bought out by another entrepreneur at an auction, and she can again write an appeal, and if the entrepreneur cannot use the building within one year, it will be put up for auction again.

An appeal for employment of a student of Nurata vocational college B. Sattorova was considered. Deputy S. Zokirov after the conversation decided to employ her in the private ITC organized by him.

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