Gender issues discussed at ICAPP Conference

25.02.2021, 09:40

Gender issues discussed at ICAPP Conference

UzLiDeP, using the possibilities of inter-party, parliamentary and people’s diplomacy, supports foreign policy activities aimed, first of all, at protecting the interests of Uzbekistan people, continuing effective cooperation with all countries of the near and far abroad, the entire world community.

One of the directions of such work of UzLiDeP is inter-party cooperation within the framework of the representative International Conference of the Asian Political Parties (ICAPP), which is a forum of political parties of Asia and Oceania.

The goal of ICAPP is to organize exchange and cooperation between political parties from different countries to strengthen mutual understanding and trust between Asian countries. Within the framework of this structure, Asian regional cooperation is being promoted through the unique role and channel of political parties, thereby creating an environment for sustainable peace and shared prosperity in Asia and Oceania.

One of such events was the participation of a representative of the Women’s Wing of UzLiDeP Political Council Executive Committee on February 24, 2021 in a special videoconference on “Women’s empowerment during and after COVID-19”. The theme was discussed online by the staff of the Women’s Wing and the ICAPP Secretariat, relevant experts from international organizations, representatives of political parties in the Asian region, journalists and invited guests.

During the discussions, the head of the Women’s Wing Department of UzLiDeP Political Council Executive Committee Sevara Muslimova focused on the ideological platform of UzLiDeP, the activities of the Women’s Wing, the role and place of political parties in ensuring gender equality in Uzbekistan, as well as the successful experience of countering COVID-19 in Uzbekistan. Particular attention was paid to informing the foreign expert community of conceptual theses from the speech of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev at the 46th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council.

The event organized by ICAPP was held at a high organizational level, which further increased its status as a link between the parties of the Asian region.

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