A citizen included in the “Women’s Notebook” has employed three people and assisted those in need

26.03.2021, 15:42

A citizen included in the “Women’s Notebook” has employed three people and assisted those in need

3278 women are registered in the “Women’s Notebook” in Gijduvan district of Bukhara region.

99 of those wishing to engage in entrepreneurial activities were allocated a loan in the amount of 253 million UZS by the regional branch of Halq Bank. 76 citizens registered in the “Youth Notebook” were allocated loans in the amount of 235 million UZS, and citizens registered in the “Iron Notebook” – 500 million UZS.

Nigora Sobirova is from Tashkent. She lives in Gijduvan. Mrs. Sobirova is the mother of 3 children. The mahalla activists studied the living conditions of Nigora and entered her into the “Women’s Notebook”.

“I was allocated a loan for 11,150,000 UZS by the district branch of Halq Bank and purchased 3 sewing machines”, said Nigora Sobirova, a resident of Kalon village, Zarangari CAM. – I opened a small workshop in the yard. I have hired 3 people and started the production of national dolls. We supply our products to the sellers of Gijduvan market.

“I am a seamstress by profession”, says Dildora Islomova, a resident of Kalon village. – Nigorakhon invited me to work in the shop. The salary is 600-700 thousand UZS. In my free time I do sewing at home, it also brings income.

The son of Nigora Sobirova studies at the 24th city school for blind children in the city of Bukhara. On the occasion of Navruz holiday, Nigora sewed shirts for his 15 classmates free of charge.

“88 women from the citizens’ assembly of the mahalla have been included in the “Women’s Notebook”, said Gulandon Zokirova, Deputy Chairman of Zarangari CAM, Chairman of the primary organization of the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan. – 10 women were assisted in getting a soft loan from the Halq Bank. 6 of them, on the basis of subsidies, built greenhouses with an area of ​​one hundred square meters. They are now engaged in work on household land. 4 provided sewing machines. Currently, we are planning to issue loans to 10 more women to establish livestock and poultry farming.

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