Unemployed women in Bukhara study professions free of charge

28.04.2021, 16:47

Unemployed women in Bukhara study professions free of charge

At the initiative of Bukhara Regional Council of UzLiDeP and the “Women’s Wing” of Bukhara City Council of the Party within the framework of “Bunyodkor Ayollar” project, a conversation on “Start and improve your business” was held in the vocational training center for retraining and advanced training “Tadbirkor Business Center”. The event was organized with the aim of implementing the priority tasks outlined in the State Program “Year of Supporting Youth and Improving Population Health”, promoting among the population of the reforms carried out in the country and the created conditions and opportunities for the population, vocational guidance of unemployed women in each mahalla, ensuring their employment by attracting them into entrepreneurship.

At the event, information was provided on the program goals and objectives of the party, its projects, laws and resolutions to support entrepreneurship.

We will successfully complete their studies at “Tadbirkor Business Center” training center. 25 students were awarded diplomas and certificates. 15 students were also presented with party membership cards.

In the second part of the event, the party activists got acquainted with the work of women who studied at this training center, who were on the list of the “Women’s Notebook”, provided with work and have already started their own business. An example is Ugiloy Murtazoyeva, a resident of the village of Dekhmirzayon CAM “Taraqqiyot” in Kagan District, who works at the Seoul Severance private enterprise.

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