Deputy control: an entrepreneur wants to create a pomegranate orchard, but there are problems

30.04.2021, 15:55

Deputy control: an entrepreneur wants to create a pomegranate orchard, but there are problems

Azizbek Mamadaliyev is the head of Mubina Tex production enterprise operating in Baliqchi district. The knitted goods produced at the enterprise are in great demand in the domestic market. The entrepreneur wants to expand his activities. Azizbek Mamadaliyev, who has knowledge and experience in farming, intends to create a pomegranate orchard. The business project is ready. There are enough funds. The problem is land areas. Appeals to the proper authorities do not give a result.

This problem was discussed at the forum “Dialogue of deputies and entrepreneurs”, organized by Baliqchi district council of UzLiDeP. The deputy of the district Council of people’s deputies, the hokim of the district Jasurbek Abduraimov took up the solution to the problem.

“Various proposals were made at the forum”, said Malokhatkhon Yakubova, Chairman of the district council of the party, deputy of the regional council of people’s deputies. – For example, we did not pay attention to the urgency of problems of some entrepreneurs. As a rule, to obtain a copy of documents (decisions) on the right of business entities to own or use land, the local executive power applies to the Hokimiyat. However, it was revealed that in most cases the human factor becomes the cause of bureaucratic obstacles and red tape. To eliminate this, a proposal was made to create an online system for obtaining the necessary documents to eliminate various barriers and obstacles. Entrepreneurs also urge deputies to work, search. And this is nothing more than cooperation. Thus, assistance was provided in solving the problem of Adhamjon Ibragimov. The entrepreneur has a workshop for the production of furniture. He intends to expand activities. There are not enough funds and he needs a loan. The documents have been prepared. A decision was made to assist the entrepreneur in obtaining a loan.

Dilrabo Isomiddinova,

Executive Secretary of Baliqchi

District Council of UzLiDeP

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