50-year-old problem solved with the assistance of a deputy

30.04.2021, 15:44

50-year-old problem solved with the assistance of a deputy

Deputies elected from UzLiDeP, based on the work on “Mahallabay” system, pay special attention to solving the problems of the population, and at the same time, they take an active part in the implementation of “Obod qishloq” and “Obod mahalla” programs.

One of the activists of Jizzakh regional Council of people’s deputies Bozorgul Turayeva visited the mahalla E. Kamolov in Farish district. During the study, it was found that the sewerage network had fallen into disrepair, as well as constantly occurring power outages due to the obsolescence of the poles and wires of the power network.

Wastewater from the central hospital in E. Kamolov mahalla and from the new maternity complex earlier through the sewerage network entered “Oqava Suvni Yigish Ombori”, located 2 km from the residential area, and was disinfected there. Currently, these 2 km of the sewer network have fallen into disrepair.

“Sewage water was fed to “Oqava Suvni Yigish Ombori” and then pumped out in special vehicles”, said the villagers. But now special vehicles do not have time to unload the wastewater. the “Oqava Suvni Yigish Ombori” is overflowing and the waters flow into the streets. This poses a serious threat to the health of people, especially children”.

Together with relevant organizations, the problem was studied on the spot and partially eliminated. The continuation of work on the complete elimination of the problem is under the control of the deputy.

According to the Chairman of the mahalla, Navruz Nazarov, the poles and power lines installed in 1971 are outdated, interruptions in the power supply have become a problem for the residents of the mahalla.

At the initiative and with the assistance of the deputy, wooden poles were replaced with new ones made of concrete, as well as about 300 m of electrical wires were replaced.

For reference: Farish district is a remote mountainous territory of the region. Large-scale activity is underway on major repairs and reconstruction in the district center. But at the same time, the burning question remains: why, with the continuation of the reconstruction, the issue of the sewer network in the district is not being resolved?

Olim Norjigitov,

Head of Department for Political Education

and Working with Deputy Groups

of Jizzakh Regional Council of UzLiDeP

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