An entrepreneur’s promising project fails. Why?

11.05.2021, 14:07

An entrepreneur’s promising project fails. Why?

An entrepreneur from Navbahor, head of LLC PARADAES GARDEN Sh. Turdiyev has built a plant with a processing capacity of 30 tons of fruit per hour on the territory of Qorajon district mahalla. To activate the plant, he signed a cooperation agreement with entrepreneurs from Italy and China. Taking into account the export orientation of wine, wine products and fruit juices, he planned to commission the plant based on the Italian technology, but ...

Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis, Chairman of UzLiDeP A. Khaitov, during meetings with entrepreneurs, got acquainted with the problems that hinder the use of the plant, and studied the problems of the entrepreneur.

The entrepreneur noted the need for laying out a garden on 20 hectares in order not to buy fruits and reduce the cost of production, but he was allocated land in the steppe area, where there is no opportunity for growing fruit trees. And yet – it would be advisable that the necessary 20 hectares were allocated on the territory adjacent to the plant to reduce the cost of finished products.

Taking into account that the land areas adjacent to the plant are used for cotton and wheat, the Deputy Speaker recommended for the entrepreneur to exchange the allocated territory.

That is, to study free land areas in the district, acquire other lands, adapt them for crops of cotton and wheat, and then exchange them for 20 hectares near the plant.

When asked about the reason for the inaction of the plant, the entrepreneur explained that due to the pandemic, specialists from Italy cannot yet leave for Uzbekistan, but their arrival is scheduled for the next few days and after their arrival, the plant will start operating.

“I think that the work started will be useful for both the people and the country. We intend to provide products not only to the domestic market, but also to organize export”, said the head of LLC PARADAES GARDEN Sh. Turdiyev.

 The construction of a plant requires hard work and financing. We wish the entrepreneur success in the work he has begun!

M. Pirnafasova, Press Secretary of

Navoi Regional Council of UzLiDeP

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