Chairmen of mahallas make a report

14.06.2021, 10:58

Chairmen of mahallas make a report

A regular meeting of the deputy group of Bukhara regional council of UzLiDeP took place. Olim Saidov, the Chairman of Zarmanok CAM, presented a report on the work to support entrepreneurship in the mahalla, create new jobs, further develop the production sector, improve the communication system and raise the living standards of the population. It was noted that 3077 people live in this CAM. 1,644 of them are women. There is one school, a preschool education institution and a private preschool education institution in the mahalla. There are two military units on the territory of the mahalla.

The villages of Zarmanoq and Khujakhayron were included in the Obod Mahalla program in 2018. In this regard, the infrastructure of these mahallas has been improved. Currently, there are 43 business entities in mahallas.

Ten young citizens in farms have been allocated 10-50 hectare of areas to employ persons included in the “Youth Notebook”. 2 – subsidies were allocated for the development of a greenhouse economy, 1 – for the creation of a farm, 2 young people are self-employed, 3 loans were allocated. 6 out of 42 unemployed women in farms have been allocated 10 acres of land each. 8 are provided with permanent jobs, 20 are self-employed, 2 have started activities based on allocated loans, 2 have built greenhouses on one hundred square meters.

At the event, deputies expressed their views and made an appropriate decision.

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Bukhara Regional Council of UzLiDeP

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