Current issues of Kashkadarya region’s development and ways of their solution considered

23.04.2022, 15:02

Current issues of Kashkadarya region’s development and ways of their solution considered

On April 22, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev took part in an extraordinary session of Kashkadarya regional council.

Large-scale work has been carried out in the region in recent years. On December 25 last year, Uzbekistan GTL Plant for the production of synthetic fuel was launched in Guzar district. A project has been launched to expand the Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex.

Within the framework of state programs, more than 1.5 trillion UZS have been allocated to Kashkadarya this year, 2.8 thousand kilometers of engineering and communication networks and 160 social facilities are being built and reconstructed.

In his speech, the President focused on the upcoming tasks and problems that need to be solved.

Thus, only 43 percent of the region’s population has centralized access to drinking water. This problem is particularly acute in the Kasan, Dehkanabad, Guzar, Kamashi districts. There are also problems in the areas of gas and electricity supply, internal roads, transport, agriculture, and the banking-credit sector.

108 medical institutions, 172 schools and 144 kindergartens in the region need to be repaired. The heating system is out of order in many kindergartens and schools. 19 schools are overloaded.

In this regard, it was determined that this year an additional 360 billion UZS will be allocated from the state budget to improve the social sphere and infrastructure in Kashkadarya. In addition, it is planned to allocate $100 million in concessional loans from international financial institutions.

It was noted that today 350 thousand people in the region need work, it is important to attract them to entrepreneurship, handicrafts and home-based work based on the new mahallabay system.

Although the region has a huge industrial potential, the share of industry in the gross regional product is only 18 percent.

In this regard, a program for 2022-2023, consisting of 270 industrial projects worth 14.7 trillion UZS, has been formed.

Major projects such as increasing the capacity of Talimarjan Thermal Power Plant, the construction of a solar power plant in Guzar, the launching of a building materials cluster in Dehkanabad and Kamashi, and a cement plant in Kitab district have already started.

The recently signed Presidential resolution provides for the allocation of $45 million to finance business projects in Kashkadarya.

It was indicated that 524 projects worth 7.4 trillion UZS can be implemented in agriculture with the creation of 286 thousand jobs.

In particular, more than 40 thousand hectares of land will be reclaimed. It is planned to create pomegranate gardens on 20 thousand hectares. Ayoqchisoy Reservoir will be built to provide water to Yakkabag, Chiroqchi, Kamashi, Shakhrisabz and Kitab districts. Projects on harvesting fruit and vegetable products on household lands, animal husbandry and ferula cultivation will be supported.

The main attention at the meeting was paid to the development of social infrastructure and the improvement of the living conditions of the population.

This year, 143 multi-storey buildings for 5,000 apartments will be commissioned in Kashkadarya.

The construction of 1,823 kilometers of drinking water supply networks and 1,570 kilometers of internal roads, and the restoration of gas supply in the homes of more than 9 thousand people are also planned.

The appearance of 30 settlements will be improved this year within the framework of Obod Qishloq (Prosperous Village) and Obod Mahalla (Prosperous Neighborhood) Programs.

Instructions were given for the construction of preschool education institutions and schools, medical centers, and meaningful organization of youth leisure.

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