Appeals from Entrepreneurs Analyzed

05.08.2022, 09:50

Appeals from Entrepreneurs Analyzed

On August 3, a meeting was held on the preparations for the dialogue between the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan and entrepreneurs.

As it is well - known, the President held for the first time an open dialogue with entrepreneurs on August 20, 2021. This day is celebrated as the Entrepreneurs’ Day in Uzbekistan, and it was decided to hold such a meeting annually.

The large-scale preparations are being carried out for this year’s meeting. A national headquarters and a call center were established to collect questions and proposals from the entrepreneurs. To date, more than 7,2 thousand proposals and appeals have been received. The members of the national headquarters discuss, on a daily basis, the systemic and specific issues raised in the appeals. Most of the issues are solved on the spot.

The President specifically focused on the systemic problems in the sphere at the meeting.

According to the analysis, lending, allocation of land and facilities, protection of private property, bureaucracy in obtaining licenses and permits, tax administration, and infrastructure are the most pressing issues. The causes of these problems and measures taken to address them, were discussed at the meeting.

The President emphasized the need for taking special control over each appeal, especially the issues concerning small and medium-sized businesses. It was instructed to continue trips to the regions, improve conditions and simplify business processes on the basis of the problems and proposals of entrepreneurs.

The decision was made to hold a week of dialogue with entrepreneurs in mid-August with the participation of ministers and khokims (governors). The closing event and culmination of the week will be the meeting of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan with businesspeople.

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