The organizational issue considered at the session of Surkhandarya Council

14.03.2023, 16:06

The organizational issue considered at the session of Surkhandarya Council

Termez hosted an out-of-schedule session of Surkhandarya Regional Council of People’s Deputies.

The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev attended the event.

The Head of state expressed his respect for the residents of the region and noted that the region achieves high results in various fields and industries.

“I am glad to see you on this beautiful spring day, on the eve of big holidays. Today we have to consider the appointment of the hokim of the region and set ourselves new tasks. The goal is to increase the effectiveness and level of reforms, outline large-scale guidelines and corresponding actions, get closer to people and make them happy”, the President said.

The current state of development of the region was considered at the session. Over the past five years, more than 15 thousand enterprises of industry, agriculture and the service sector have started their activities here. The new micro-hydropower power plants “Zarchob-1” and “Zarchob-2” have begun producing 201 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per year.

In addition, 257 schools have been built and reconstructed, and coverage of preschool education has increased from 18 to 62 percent. For the first time, 302,000 people received access to the centralized drinking water supply. Over a thousand kilometers of international roads and 3,000 kilometers of internal routes have been repaired.

“Surkhandarya region will further develop and grow if we continue to work hard and diligently serve our people”, Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

An organizational issue was considered at the session. The Head of state recommended Ulugbek Kosimov for the post of Hokim of Surkhandarya region.

Mr. Kosimov was born in 1983. Until 2018, he worked as the Hokim of Muzrabat and Denau districts of the region. In 2018-2022 – the Prosecutor of Surkhandarya and Fergana regions, the city of Tashkent.

Since December last year, he has been fulfilling the duties of a Hokim of Surkhandarya region.

The Head of state suggested listening to the candidate’s plans before discussing the candidacy. Ulugbek Kosimov presented his vision regarding the development of entrepreneurship, industry, agriculture in the region, and the creation of decent living conditions for the population.

The President approved these proposals and gave relevant instructions to the responsible persons.

The main task was to ensure the employment of the population and increase its income. It was noted that through the introduction of the family business and home-based work in mahallas, more than 60 thousand people can be provided with jobs, by creating new economic entities – 4 thousand people, by training the unemployed in modern professions – 20 thousand people.

The climate of Surkhandarya is very favorable for agriculture, the products ripen early. Over the past five years, the areas of the main fruit and vegetable crops in the region have increased by 2.5 times. This year, another 8.5 thousand hectares are allocated to the population. In this regard, the task was set to create conditions for farmers, improve water supply, double the volume of food production and increase exports to $250 million.

Over the past five years, 30 trillion UZS of investments have been attracted to the industry of the region, more than 5 thousand enterprises have been created. Production tripled, and industrial exports reached $132 million. Such new industries as the production of building materials, leather and footwear products and electrical engineering have appeared in Surkhandarya region.

At the same time, there are many untapped resources and opportunities in the region. It was defined that 292 industrial projects will be launched this year. This will create 10,000 new jobs. Instructions were given to replace industrial imports for $50 million and increase exports to at least $250 million.

Energy issues were also discussed at the meeting. In the current year alone, 350 million kilowatt-hours of electricity will be produced at Tupalang HPP and 3 new small and micro HPPs in Sariasiya district. A large solar power plant with a capacity of 457 megawatts will be launched in Sherabad district. Plans have also been announced for the installation of low-power solar panels.

It was decided to allocate 465 billion UZS to solve social problems in Surkhandarya region in addition to 1.5 trillion UZS provided for by state programs for the current year. Instruction was also given to attract an additional $328 million to the agro-industrial complex, drinking water supply projects and entrepreneurship.

The goal was set to provide 325 thousand people with sources of income and turn Surkhandarya region into a region free from poverty and unemployment.

After the presentation, the deputies of the regional council discussed the candidate’s action program. The organizational issue was put to the vote. According to its results, Ulugbek Kosimov was approved as the Hokim of Surkhandarya region.

The President of Uzbekistan noted that the plans voiced at the session should be implemented, the responsible agencies, together with the new Hokim of the region, should conscientiously serve the people.

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