Execution of the President’s directives analyzed

27.11.2020, 08:38

Execution of the President’s directives analyzed

On November 26, President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev held a meeting on the socio-economic development in Kashkadarya region.

The Head of the state had defined tasks in this direction during his working trip to the region on November 12-13. To afford an impetus to the development of each district and city in the region, Shavkat Mirziyoyev assigned heads of ministries and banks to them, and necessary resources were allocated. 2021 was declared the Year of Entrepreneurship Development in Kashkadarya. The purpose sought is to create 10 thousand new economic entities.

It was noted that taking into account the growth points of each district and city, it is essential to devise result-oriented projects in industry, agriculture and services.

For example, by creating intensive orchards and vineyards on 20 thousand hectares in Yakkabag, Qamashi, Chiroqchi, Shakhrisabz and Kitab districts, the level of vegetable and fruit processing in the region can be increased to 25 percent.

It is important to place projects and connect them to the infrastructure in 11 small industrial zones to be established in the city of Shakhrisabz as well as in Nishan, Dehkanabad, Yakkabag, Mirishkor, Guzar, Shakhrisabz, Mubarek districts.

In 2021, a total of 500 new projects worth 650 billion soums are due to be implemented in the services sphere thanks to loans from commercial banks.

The Head of the state noted the economic and social significance of 1,153 investment projects scheduled for the next two years. It is planned to attract about 1 billion dollars of foreign investment and create 19 thousand jobs.

Executives were instructed to develop additional projects for districts with low level of industrial development, effectively use available resources.

Measures to lift families in the “iron book” out of poverty were discussed. The importance of developing small business and formation of entrepreneurial skills among youth and women was emphasized.

In agriculture, it is planned to develop 81 thousand hectares of land withdrawn from circulation, and introduce water-saving technologies on 63 thousand hectares.

The need was noted for erecting modern greenhouses on 1.2 thousand hectares in Karshi, Kamashi and Kasan districts, create plantations of pistachios and medicinal plants in Dehkanabad and other foothill districts.

Officials in charge were urged to speed up the solution of organizational and financial issues.

Discussion subjects at the meeting included development of engineering and communication infrastructure, construction and reconstruction of drinking water supply networks, road repairs. The President highlighted the importance of erecting energy efficient apartment blocks for those in need in areas with high demand for housing.

Particular attention was paid to social issues. An additional 100 billion soums will be allocated for the reconstruction and repair of schools as part of the Investment Program for 2021. These funds will also facilitate the construction of additional blocks in 88 schools, of new buildings for branches with adobe walls, as well as equipment of more than 100 schools.

The Head of the state instructed officials to establish a school with in-depth study of information technologies on the basis of school No. 42 in the city of Karshi, and one such school in every district center.

Urgent task is the effective delivery of reforms launched in the education and healthcare systems, especially in terms of support for youth and their employment.

Deputy Prime Minister Jamshid Kuchkarov has been instructed, together with the heads of ministries and agencies as well as commercial banks, to monitor the execution of tasks concerning the comprehensive development of Kashkadarya region, assistance to entrepreneurs and poverty reduction.

The Ministry of Investments and Foreign Trade was tasked with conducting a critical analysis of the state of each investment project and effectively solving problems on site.

Heads of sectors are to present monthly reports to local Councils of people’s deputies on the implementation of tasks.

Hokims of the region and districts of Kashkadarya, heads of industries and sectors presented information on the impending work toward the realization of projects.

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