Youth is the backbone for the country's development

15.11.2017, 19:07

Ibrahim Sattarov
Ibrahim Sattarov

Deputy Chairman on youth issues of Namangan regional council of UzLiDeP

The head of our state during his visit to Namangan region got acquainted with the project of construction of a modern park, a memorial complex and a school in honor of Ishokhon Ibrat in Turakurgan. The head of our state noted the need to improve this complex meaningfully, organize a language school under Namangan state university, establish specialized teaching of foreign languages. Speaking about upbringing of youth, the President of our country noted that haste is unacceptable in this issue, it is necessary to take comprehensively considered decisions taking into account wishes and requests of youth and parents. The President of our country got acquainted with the industrial enterprises of the region, met with people and talked with aksakals (elders). During the conversation, special attention was paid to issues of qualitative education of youth, improvement of primary educational system, formation of high reading culture among youth, and ensuring employment of the population. The party's «youth wing» critically analyzed its work on youth issues, and identified tasks to further improve the efficiency of work with unorganized youth, as well as carry out cultural and educational activities such as "We are all responsible for the future of our Motherland" and "Our knowledge and work will make a worthy contribution to the development of our country". To address the issues of youth, «Youth wing» of the party puts forward the following proposals. Firstly, the results of the survey between unorganized youth showed that 20-25 percent of them would like to do business, the remaining 75-80 percent wanted to work in their specialty. For this reason we propose, that commercial banks provide soft loans to youth at a rate not exceeding 9 percent as well as the organizations that employ unorganized youth should pay less payment of the single social tax. Secondly, in order to reduce offenses and crimes among the unorganized part of youth, it is necessary to constantly conduct work and create conditions for them.

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