President’s visit inspired entrepreneurs and business people from Syrdarya

01.03.2019, 07:53

President’s visit inspired entrepreneurs and business people from Syrdarya

Rustam Shakirov, UzLiDeP activist, managing the affairs of GRAN RUTA DE LA SEDA enterprise in Khavas district:

During his visit to Syrdarya region on April 13, 2018 and a meeting in Saykhunabad district, the Head of the state gave instructions for implementation of 302 projects in the region worth 6.3 trillion UZS in provision of services in the agricultural sector. It was planned to create 15,458 new jobs.

On February 19, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev again visited Syrdarya region in order to become familiar with the progress of implementation of this and other instructions, implementation of reforms, urban development activities, large projects within the framework of strategic development plans for the region, conducting dialogue with people.

The Head of the state not only became familiarize with activities of large industrial facilities, but also visited our Khavas district. He was presented to the master plan of Khavas town. A meeting was held with local residents.

The President emphasized that great changes are being implemented in the country. The population needs to join the path of revival together with the state, strive for prosperity. He noted his satisfaction with the fact that Khavas people change their outlook within the framework of implementation of plans for improving the welfare of people, development of Syrdarya region.

The Head of the state visited our enterprise also, got acquainted with modern greenhouse complex based on hydroponics.

Currently, such greenhouses are being built in all regions of our country. This contributes to cultivation of high-quality melons and creation of many jobs. It should be noted that when growing tomatoes by an ordinary method, 3 kg of yield can be obtained from each seedling, this indicator could reach up to 12 kg with the use of hydroponics method. Ripening time is reduced by 25-30 days.

Tomato and cucumber saplings imported from Holland are grown in our greenhouses. The whole process is fully automated. The South Korean modern equipment accurately determines and regulates the temperature, the plant’s need for water and nutrition, based on drip irrigation, delivers mineral-enriched water to the roots of seedlings.

Every year we grow 1.5 thousand tons of tomatoes. We are planning to export agricultural products worth 2 million USD. In the third quarter of this year, our greenhouses will be expanded by another 10 hectares.

The President gave us valuable instructions for further expanding the greenhouse, using domestic analogues of the equipment and reducing costs.

Ulugbek SOTIBOLDIYEV, Chairman of Syrdarya regional Kengash of UzLiDeP, Head of LLC Bek Cluster joint venture:

During his visit to Syrdarya region, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited our enterprise in Mirzaabad district and got acquainted with activities of the cotton processing plant. A sincere dialogue took place with employees of the enterprise.

It should be noted that the plant, commissioned in 2018 together with the Turkish company SUMER, has a production capacity for processing 60 thousand tons of cotton per year. 200 jobs are created. This is the second visit of the Head of the state to our enterprise – during his last visit last year, he gave advice and recommendations on further development and expansion of our activities.

Based on the resolution of the President, our company has been allocated 18 thousand hectares of land. About a thousand permanent jobs have been created in enterprises of LLC Bek Cluster, another 1,800 people are involved in seasonal work. Our new plant carries out deep processing of raw cotton. The work has been adjusted on a qualitative basis, and energy-saving technologies are applied here.

During the current visit, the Head of the state noted that the focus of our attention should always be on the issue of scientific approach to agriculture, that without this we cannot guarantee high yields, that our enterprise should work closely with scientific institutions.

The President was provided with information on promising projects that we plan to implement. In particular, it is planned to create a professional college at the cluster for training qualified personnel for the needs of the enterprise.

We think that after the visit of Shavkat Mirziyoyev to our region, dozens of new projects will be implemented, thousands of new jobs will be created, and the wellbeing of people will grow. We, businesspersons, will apply all necessary forces to increase the qualitatively new level of the economy of the country.

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