Giving independence to farmers and clusters is a huge opportunity for the development of grain production

16.06.2022, 10:11

Giving independence to farmers and clusters is a huge opportunity for the development of grain production

The people, the whole country is actively laying the foundation of the New Uzbekistan. In all areas, reforms are being carried out based on the principle put forward by the President “In the name of human dignity”.

New Uzbekistan is, first of all, new economic relations, a new economic outlook. That is why the country is restructuring the economic system and introducing market mechanisms.

In recent years, the introduction of mechanisms of a peculiar approach to a market economy and material incentives into the agricultural sector of the country has begun. The goal of the systemic transformation of the agricultural sector is to increase the efficiency of the sector, to ensure the food sufficiency of the population.

The meeting held by the President on reforms in grain growing indicates that special importance is attached to reforms in this direction.

At the meeting, issues of ensuring the interests of farmers, increasing offers on the market by increasing yields were discussed.

Along with the achieved positive results, it was openly spoken about the shortcomings in the sphere.

It was noted that the existing old system of operation of state-owned grain enterprises does not benefit either grain producers or processing enterprises.

It was emphasized that the time has come to take the next important step towards the long-awaited decision by the people and farmers of Uzbekistan – the gradual abolition of the state order for harvesting and the creation of a real grain market.

The Head of the state said that from June 1, after the completion of all necessary organizational work, a transition to market prices will be made when the state purchases and sells grain.

This was joyful, inspiring news for grain growers. If grain is sold through the exchange at market prices, farmers’ incomes will increase. Farmers are interested in the abolition of the state order and the full introduction of market mechanisms.

Getting a decent profit from labor will increase interest and desire for work. The opportunity for the purchase of agricultural machinery and advanced technologies will expand. Obviously, the increased interest of the true owners of the land will become the basis for improving the condition of the soil. A reduction in grain imports and currency savings will be achieved. The sale of grain at free prices was an old dream of dehkans.

The state will create all conditions for farmers and clusters to put their grain on the stock exchange. The price of 1 ton of wheat purchased for state needs will be increased from last year’s 1 million 550 thousand UZS to 3 million UZS for this year’s harvest, that is, 2 times.

In addition, 500 thousand tons of wheat, which will remain at the disposal of farmers, will be accepted for temporary storage of bakery enterprises, and from July 1, for the first time, farmers and clusters will be able to independently put it up for sale at market prices. At the same time, the state will cover the costs of temporary storage of the indicated 500,000 tons of wheat. Farmers will also be exempt from exchange payments for the 2022 wheat crop.

Aktam Khaitov,

Chairman of the Executive Committee

of the Political Council of UzLiDeP

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