We have opportunities and conditions to ensure food security...

16.06.2022, 10:12

We have opportunities and conditions to ensure food security...

In conditions when prices are rising all over the world and there is a shortage of food, in Uzbekistan there may also be some increase in prices, but the disadvantage, the shortage of food products is excluded. Since Uzbekistan belongs to a number of countries with sufficient food reserves. But, despite this, one should not give in to idleness and tranquility.

This was discussed at a videoconference chaired by President Shavkat Mirziyoyev on May 31, dedicated to the continuous provision of the population with food products.

It was noted that restrictions are being tightened around the world and food prices are rising. The fact that wheat has risen in price by 50 percent on the global market, vegetable oil by 33 percent, sugar by 14 percent, oil by 47 percent, cannot but affect prices in our country. It was noted that only in May in Kashkadarya and Namangan regions an increase in prices for potatoes, flour and sugar was recorded. In this regard, the participants discussed the issues of increasing the production of basic food products, including poultry and livestock.

Poultry meat and eggs are affordable, nutritious products with a short production cycle. However, in many regions, poultry meat production volumes do not meet the needs of the population. More than 50 large enterprises in this area operate at half their capacity. There are difficulties in supplying them with food, including wheat.

At the meeting, specific measures were identified to address this problem. In particular, from June 1, 400 billion UZS of revolving loans will be allocated to poultry farms for the purchase of wheat. Through the State Entrepreneurship Support Fund, they will be provided with a guarantee in the amount of 50 percent of the loan tax and compensation for interest on the loan in excess of 17 percent of the rate. A proposal was also made to extend the maturity of loans issued to poultry farms for working capital.

Support measures have been identified to ensure the uninterrupted supply of food to the population. In particular, on May 1, the procedure expired, according to which 22 types of food products, such as meat, fish, dairy products, fruits, vegetable oil, were exempted from customs duties. It was decided to extend this measure until January 1, 2023. The application of increased duty rates on food imports will also be suspended. Restrictions on the import of food within the framework of public procurement will be temporarily lifted.

Based on the opinions expressed, it can be concluded that the country has enough opportunities to ensure food security. The provision of state subsidies, the allocation of preferential loans for harvested products, and comprehensive support for the sector serve as an important factor in ensuring food security.

Barno Mirzamova,

Deputy of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis

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