Uzbekistan and Egypt seek to build a strong cooperation bridge not only between our countries, but also between the two regions

22.02.2023, 18:44

Uzbekistan and Egypt seek to build a strong cooperation bridge not only between our countries, but also between the two regions

Following the high-level talks, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev and President of the Arab Republic of Egypt Abdel Fattah el-Sisi made press statements.

The President of Uzbekistan expressed deep gratitude for the warm welcome and hospitality extended to the delegation of Uzbekistan in the ancient and unique Egyptian land. It was noted that Uzbekistan sincerely rejoices at the great achievements of the leadership and people of Egypt.

During the talks, the leaders of the two countries expressed a unanimous opinion that the large-scale reform programs – the New Uzbekistan Strategy and the “New Republic” in Egypt – have much in common. The ongoing work on creating new jobs and reducing poverty, social protection of the population and development of urban infrastructure is consonant.

“We intend to build a solid bridge of cooperation not only between our countries, but also our strategically important regions by common efforts”, the Leader of Uzbekistan noted.

At the meeting of the heads of state, issues of intensifying political consultations, expanding multifaceted cooperation in trade, economics, investment, transport and logistics, cultural and humanitarian areas and security were considered in detail.

It was emphasized that the existing huge opportunities and potential of trade and economic interaction are not being used to the full, in connection with which the need to use practical mechanisms and effective measures to increase trade was stated. The results of business events held on the eve of the visit will also contribute to this.

Agreements were reached on the joint implementation of green energy projects, the development of optimal transport routes linking the two states, the use of free economic zones, and the organization of direct flights.

The President of Uzbekistan again expressed his readiness to create all conditions for Egyptian companies to implement mutually beneficial projects in Uzbekistan.

The parties agreed to continue the practice of providing active mutual support within the framework of international and regional organizations. The leaders agreed that it is necessary not to weaken efforts to stabilize the situation in Afghanistan and to assist the people of this country.

Our peoples are bound by long-standing ties of friendship, expressed in the commonality of religion, the similarity of traditions and customs. In this regard, it was emphasized that the issues of scientific and educational exchanges, the joint study of our common history and culture, the strengthening of youth and creative ties will be constantly on the agenda of bilateral cultural and humanitarian cooperation.

In this context, readiness was expressed to organize mutual trips of poets and writers, artists and cultural figures.

The President of Uzbekistan put forward an initiative to create a Scientific Friendship Society between scientists of the two countries for in-depth study and promotion among young people of the exemplary life and scientific heritage of the great scientist Ahmad Fergani.

Following his speech, the President of Uzbekistan expressed his firm confidence that the outcome of the Uzbekistan – Egypt summit would bring bilateral relations to a qualitatively new level and give them a long-term character for the benefit of our friendly peoples.


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