Pre-election Program


Approved at the IX Congress (November 5, 2019)



 We have specific goals and we know how to achieve them!

The Movement of Entrepreneurs and Businesspeople – the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan is a political force that has taken full responsibility for the implementation of the Pre-Election Program of the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Miromonovich Mirziyoyev, adopted at the VIII Congress of the Party, as well as the Action Strategy for five priority areas of development of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2017–2021. We use all our capabilities to achieve the goals.

The party emphasizes that the main goal of the reforms being carried out in the country is a person, his life, freedom, honor, dignity, needs and interests. Most importantly, today we are witnessing the consolidation of our people, government agencies, civil society institutions and the business community around the ideas of liberalizing the political, economic, social, spiritual and other spheres of society and the state, achieving the noble goals defined in the Action Strategy.

At this stage of development, recognizing the achievements and success of society and the state, the party sets itself the following specific tasks:

– ensuring the entry of Uzbekistan into the number of 50 developed democratic countries of the world with a steadily developing economy and a high human development index;

– increasing the competitiveness of Uzbekistan in conditions when many countries of the world are on the verge of the “fourth industrial revolution”, dynamic progress of the country along the path of innovative development, the formation of a “knowledge-based economy” and “digital economy”, “information society”;

– ensuring the entry of Uzbekistan into the number of states attractive for doing business and investment;

– transformation of Uzbekistan into a powerful and strong state of free and happy people with a 60 percent rate of urbanization, modern cities and megalopolises, where modern technologies ensure an equally high standard of living throughout the country.

Achieving these goals is possible only under the conditions of the implementation of the generally recognized principles of liberal democracy, as well as the principles “Through dynamic renewal – to the progress and prosperity of society”, “If people are rich, then the state will be powerful”, “Prevention of any manifestation of monopoly, support of a competitive environment, respect for private property”. The main values ​​of our party, such as freedom, responsibility, honesty, justice, tolerance and equality of opportunity, remain unchanged for us.

We recognize that today young people with high civic responsibility and modern views are entering the country’s social and political life. The party is ready to take responsibility for the wellbeing of its people, create a new country that is competitive and open to the international community and ensure its sustainable development, while relying on a united community.

We fully believe in them, we are nominating our most worthy candidates for the upcoming elections and will focus all our efforts on ensuring that the positive impact of the reforms affects the lives of every person, every family, and they have begun to feel this influence today.


A professional parliament that protects the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of individuals, enterprises and the private sector.

For us, the new Uzbekistan is a state in which the institution of strong parliamentarism operates, which implements the principle “Not a man for the state, but the state for a man”.

The priority tasks of the party in this sphere are:

– all-round development and strengthening of parliamentarism, increasing the role of political parties, further strengthening of democracy. We are supporters that the political party that won the elections would forward proposals not only on the candidacy of the Prime Minister, but also on the candidacy of the Speaker of the lower house of parliament, the composition of the government, the transition to a proportional election system, based on the requirements of the time, we support the idea of ​​improving laws on public and parliamentary control, to ensure accountability and transparency of the government;

– a radical improvement in the quality of legislative activity, the systematization of legislation, a sharp reduction in the number of by-laws and the introduction of elements of the “reasonable ordering” model. The party’s firm position – we need laws of direct action, the termination of the practice of defining generally binding norms by bylaws;

– implementation of noble ideas that the only source and author of the law is the people, and laws are adopted to improve the life of a person and society. In order to ensure the participation of the general public in the adoption of normative and legal acts and the precise definition of the rights and obligations of public organizations in this process, the party proposes to adopt a law “On the organization of public discussion of normative and legal documents”;

–  improving the activities of the Councils of deputies, expanding their powers and, most importantly, strengthening the responsibility of these structures for the socio-economic development of regions, sustainable growth of real incomes, improving the quality and standard of living, formation and control of the local budget. We strive to ensure the openness of the representative state governing bodies for citizens, the consistent implementation of the concepts of “Electronic Parliament” and “Electronic Council of People’s Deputies”, etc.

An effective and stable public administration system.

Our goal is to ensure the entry of Uzbekistan into a number of 30 states in which a qualitatively high level of public administration and information-communication technologies are widely introduced. Our firm position is that civil service is a professional service activity of citizens and masters of their profession should work in the civil service. This is a guarantee of effective and high-quality activities of the public administration system and ensuring the stable development of society!

Priority tasks in the sphere include:

–  introduction of modern management methods and principles of corporate governance, implementation of outsourcing programs. We advocate the implementation of a new personnel policy, which provides for the attraction of modern thinking, with a new worldview, qualified specialists, representatives of political parties, the private sector, experts who are able to develop and implement innovative, more adaptable management models, including such project models as Agile, Scrum, Kanban, PRINCE2, etc. In particular, the party proposes to widely involve volunteers in the activities of state and public organizations and to develop a draft law “On Volunteers”, as well as “On Civil Service” for their professional guidance;

–  full and effective implementation of the norms of the Concept of Administrative Reforms, ensuring stable activities of the government, state institutions and local executive authorities, the quality and efficiency of public services. Simplification of all public services based on the BPR system (Business process reengineering), widespread introduction of modern information services into the public service delivery system, expansion of public services provision based on the “one window” principle;

–  we forward the idea of ​​improving the public administration system in order to ensure consistent innovative and technological development of this sphere in Uzbekistan. We assess the activities of state and economic management bodies in terms of such important indicators as attracting investment, transparency in the distribution of budget funds, efficiency and purposefulness of the use of state property.

New Uzbekistan: a country of a “digital” and information society.

The party considers the development of the country and its competitiveness in the context of modern information society, the development of information and knowledge as a strategic factor in development of modern information, communication and digital technologies in all spheres of society and the state. In this direction, we propose to implement the following comprehensive measures:

–  widespread introduction of the program “Digital Uzbekistan –  2030”, “big data” technologies, “blockchain”, “smart”, “safe” city, “Internet products”, further development of telecommunication infrastructure. On this basis, ensuring the country’s GDP growth by 30 percent and joining the ranks of the leading states in the international indices “readiness in the digital economy” and “ICT development”;

–  introduction of modern fiber-optic Internet communication systems in all settlements and education institutions of the country and reducing the cost of Internet services, preventing the purchase of Internet traffic through external Internet channels and distribution in the country;

–  organization of a mutual effective dialogue between the population, subjects and state bodies, consistent implementation of the concept of “Electronic government” aimed at preventing unnecessary red tape and bureaucracy;

–  further development of information resources and technologies of government agencies and other organizations, development of a mechanism for public-private partnership in this sphere. In particular, the provision of complete digitization of state cadastral works and simplification of the property registration procedure.

Liberalization of the information sphere is a guarantee of society development

The main task of the party is to transform the media into a real “fourth estate”, into an effective means of communicating the needs of the population to the authorities, into an assistant of people, a mirror of democracy. The main criterion in assessing the activities of the media should be a critical and objective assessment of the activities of state bodies, identification and coverage of shortcomings and pressing problems.

In this regard, we need to integrate our country into the global information space and strengthen its position in international information exchange, develop market relations and fair competition in the information space, implement measures aimed at the emergence of competitive nongovernmental media groups and to support the national journalism institute...

A new Uzbekistan with a strong and just civil society

Development of a nation can only be achieved in a strong and just civil society. For this, when passing laws, the views of citizens and civil institutions should be taken into account.

At the present stage, the party advocates the consistent strengthening of social partnership and public control institutions, the transfer of most managerial functions to people, public associations, governing bodies, and other civil society institutions. Based on an in-depth analysis of the national legislation and law enforcement practice, study of advanced foreign experience, the party proposes:

–  to adopt a code on non-governmental non-profit organizations, as well as to introduce efficient forms of public control widespread in international practice, to revise the law “On public control in order to set out in detail in the law the mechanisms for their implementation”;

–  to develop indicators for assessing the development of civil society in the country, the level of cooperation of public institutions with government bodies and organizations, as well as their contribution to the socio-economic and political-legal development of the country and to adopt in the next five years the concept of formation of a civil society in the country.

The party advocates the formation of a wide network of civil institutions that ensure the principle of the triumph of justice in society. We support measures to develop and implement particularly important socio-economic programs, new innovative approaches in the implementation of cooperation between government bodies and civil society institutions. Our priority task is to effectively organize the activities of civil society institutions in solving vital problems of the population, protecting the interests of the class of owners.

Comprehensive improvement of the activities of civil society institutions is the main way of establishing democracy. We are supporters of enhancing the importance and effectiveness of the mahalla in public administration, transforming the mahalla into an independent, strong and effective civil institution to provide practical assistance to people.


 New Uzbekistan is a country where the principles of the rule of law and justice operate

One of our main tasks is to ensure that Uzbekistan joins a number of 30 countries with a high level of the “law priority index” and to strengthen public confidence in fair justice. We pay special attention to such issues as the effective protection of fundamental human rights, freedoms and legitimate interests, guaranteeing the inviolability of private property, radical improvement of the system of civil, economic and administrative courts.

Let’s strengthen the confidence of an independent and fair judiciary!

We will restore trust and respect for the court. For us, the most important criterion for the activity and independence of the courts is the protection of the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of citizens and subjects, the provision of justice, the adoption of fair court decisions.

We consider the strengthening of the openness and publicity of the activities of the courts, the implementation of the concept of “electronic and digital court”, the submission of reports on the activities of the Councils of people’s deputies by the courts, holding field trials in mahallas, enterprises and institutions as the guarantor of justice.

The party forwards the following proposals aimed at improving and strengthening the judicial system, increasing opportunities for using justice:

–  to make appropriate changes and additions to the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Courts” in order to strengthen the role of courts in ensuring the inviolability of private property and reliable protection of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship, only the courts should make decisions on the demolition of real estate of individuals and legal entities, seizure of land and private property objects for the needs of the state and society and the cancellation of licenses issued to the subjects, guaranteeing the cancellation of claims or indefiniteness in relation to damage caused to the subjects as a result of actions or inaction of state bodies;

–  to review and optimize the powers of law enforcement agencies in order to expand the scope of the Habeas Corpus institute and ensure the independence of the courts. We advocate the abolition of the powers to file a protest in court cases of the prosecutor’s office and their replacement with the right to appeal the relevant decisions, the abolition of tasks not related to the powers of the prosecutor’s office and the transfer of the relevant powers to the executive branch. Issues of the status of prosecutors, ensuring their independence, objective criteria for selection and growth in the career ladder should be precisely defined in the law, in the introduction of the Cabinet of Ministers to transfer the Bureau of Compulsory Enforcement in accordance with the constitutional principle of separation of powers;

–  to optimize, to unite the courts of the regional level and to ensure their subordination to a single chairman of the court. Taking into account the consideration of cases on collective substantive law by administrative courts, reconsider the status of administrative courts;

–  improve the institution of a court order, introduce mechanisms for the pre-trial decision of its individual types, revise the issues and mechanisms of judicial collection of arrears;

–  to implement the constitutional principle that provides for the priority of the generally recognized rules of international law, to ensure the achievement of the application of international law in the activities of courts, as well as the principles and norms of the Republic of Uzbekistan outlined in international treaties;

–  improve the institution of judicial investigation, review the powers and status of the High Judicial Council, provide for the right of candidates to appeal against their decisions and conclusions.

Institute of Independent Bar

Our goal is to protect the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of citizens in judicial and investigative activities. One of the important tasks is to increase the role of lawyers in consideration of criminal, civil, administrative and economic cases at all stages of the investigation and trial.

In order to develop the institutions of the legal profession and legal services, the party offers:

–  to ensure in practice the independence of the chamber of lawyers, to organize an Academy of lawyers at the chamber, to abolish the requirement for the duration of an internship to obtain the status of a lawyer, to eliminate interference of the justice system in the sphere of the legal profession;

–  to ensure the independence of the institution of the legal profession, effective protection of the rights and legitimate interests of lawyers, to strengthen the role and significance of the parliament in the consideration and appropriate assessment of complaints of lawyers about violation of their rights by law enforcement agencies. To this end, form a commission in the lower chamber of the Oliy Majlis to strengthen the institution of the legal profession;

–  to restore and expand the activities of the institute of non-state notaries and the scope of remote notarial actions for the provision of interactive electronic services and develop a new version of the law “On Notaries”;

– to improve the sphere of legal services, to develop laws “On the contractual legal framework and legal services”, “On free legal aid” and an integral concept of legal protection, to form in the minds of the population the views on the institutes of the legal profession and notaries as subjects of providing services, to increase the role of private sector in this sphere.

Victory over corruption and clean hands policy.

Our goal is to achieve victory over corruption, the country’s entry into a number of states that reject corruption and have achieved “zero tolerance” for corruption in society. We offer the following in this direction:

– to introduce a new system of openness and declaration of funds and property of politicians and civil servants;

– in order to identify conflicts of interest in public procurement and strengthen the mechanism for their prevention, improve the law “On public procurement” and the electronic procurement system;

– to increase the efficiency of the system for the prevention of crime and offenses, to strengthen legal, organizational and practical measures to combat organized crime, to eliminate the human factor in the process of applying legislative norms to aggravate or alleviate punishment;

– to organize the Anti-Corruption Department and the Investigative Department – separate state bodies reporting to the parliament, acting independently of the prosecutor’s office, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the State Security Service, whose heads are appointed or dismissed by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

– to strengthen the powers and functions of the committees of the chambers of parliament on combating corruption, judicial and legal issues.

New Uzbekistan is a country of liberal laws, citizens with a high legal culture.

We are supporters of further liberalization of administrative, criminal, criminal procedure and economic legislation, refusal to criminalize certain criminal acts, liberalization of the subjects’ responsibility, humanization of criminal punishments and their execution.

We propose to develop a new version of the Civil Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan, develop juvenile justice, completely improve legislation on property, implement internationally recognized best practices of introducing an outsourcing mechanism for organizational and legal forms of legal entities, legal statuses of economic entities.

We believe it is important to increase the legal knowledge of citizens, to form in society a sense of respect for the law and the culture of human rights, to establish effective cooperation between government structures and civil society institutions and the media in this direction. We propose to introduce the principle “everything is allowed that is not prohibited by law” in order to support personal initiatives.


New Uzbekistan: Strong state with a competitive economy and a prosperous society

We believe that the main criterion for the effectiveness of state economic policy is the country’s competitiveness, quality of life of citizens, consistent and accelerated growth in the wellbeing of families.

The party supports a macroeconomic policy aimed at implementing a moderate monetary policy that provides for high rates of economic growth, a balanced state budget, strengthening the revenue side of local budgets, simplifying the tax system, stability of the financial market. We believe that the only effective method in solving these problems is to further deepen market reforms.

We are supporters of reducing the tax burden of economic and business entities; guaranteeing long-term invariability of tax rates and informing taxpayers about changes 2-3 years in advance; demanding full compliance with tax obligations by entrepreneurs and full protection of their interests. The party makes relevant proposals to the Tax Code in the new edition and considers it necessary to develop a strategy “Tax-2015”.

A favorable business and investment environment is a guarantee of stable development! Barriers to Entrepreneurship – Barriers to Government Policy!

The party stands for an active investment policy aimed at ensuring the position of Uzbekistan as one of the most attractive for business and investment, stimulating foreign direct investment in high-tech industries, organizing the production of competitive products. Our main task is to ensure that Uzbekistan occupies a place among the leading 50 countries in terms of Doing Business, Global Competitiveness (GCI), Global Innovation (GII) and product competitiveness indexes.

The party is a supporter of:

– providing long-term opportunities for business, as well as development of a unified Code of Entrepreneurship with the aim of further improving and liberalizing legislation in entrepreneurship, based on the requirements of the time, as well as taking into account the fact that today there are hundreds of laws regulating entrepreneurship;

– development of a unified investment code in order to ensure freedom of investment activity, protect the rights and legitimate interests of investors, and regulate investment relations;

– creation of the Institute of Investment Ombudsman in cooperation with the Business Ombudsman, development of a system for the development and presentation of an electronic database of ready investment packages for foreign investors;

– organizing new and ensuring the effectiveness of existing free economic zones, expanding their range and geography by stimulating and promoting exports;

– using the “parliament, party and business diplomacy” institutions in attracting investments, developing a mechanism to stimulate trade with neighboring countries;

– creation of necessary conditions for Uzbekistan to enter the World Trade Organization and other economic organizations;

– expanding ties with leading international and foreign financial institutions, ensuring the effective use of attracted foreign investments.

The most important direction of the party’s economic policy is formation of a competitive market that promotes innovative ways of economic development, the development and support of competition, the creation of equal opportunities for entrepreneurial activity and the avoidance of monopolization of the domestic market.

Medium and Small Business, Free Entrepreneurship

We advocate the participation of small business in increasing the number of people employed, developing money circulation and industry, bringing its share in GDP in terms of economic investment to 80 percent and increasing its share in industrial production, supporting private, small business, the farming movement, and especially in stages of their formation.

The party offers:

– Consistently implement the idea of ​​“Every family is an entrepreneur”, form a culture of entrepreneurship in society, conduct lessons on this issue in the educational system from school to universities, organize courses, in particular the “Academy of Entrepreneurs”, consulting centers for young people interested in entrepreneurship;

– comprehensively develop the infrastructure in the regions, make optimal management decisions in order to determine the development strategy;

– to expand financing of small business and private entrepreneurship by commercial banks, leasing companies and other financial organizations, to continue the policy of simplifying the rules of bank lending related to the registration of collateral;

– to simplify the rules of export-import, to expand state purchases of products of small business and private entrepreneurship;

– to integrate small business into the international community, increase and diversify export potential, reform the marketing system, improve innovation and strategic management, intensify the export of products to foreign markets and national brands abroad.

The party is taking measures to develop industrial cooperation between large industrial enterprises and small business, to form industrial groups and clusters. Proposes to develop legislation on economic clusters, business groups, management of state property.

Small business is an important source of innovation, a link between industry, science, manufacturing and the market. The party proposes measures to support and develop small innovative companies. Our main task is to create conditions for venture capital enterprises and funds, business angels – that is, for startups and the activities of private investors who invest finance and other resources in innovative projects. We offer tax incentives to stimulate research and innovation work carried out by enterprises at their own expense.

 Industrialization and new technologies are the basis of the competitiveness of the economy!

Our goal is to bring the share of industry (chemical, geological, fuel and energy complex, etc.) in GDP to 40 percent by 2030, and in a period when the whole world lives on the eve of the “fourth industrial revolution” to ensure the competitiveness of Uzbekistan, its movement along the way of innovative development, activation of the “knowledge-based economy” and the digital economy”. A predominant place in the economy should be given to industries with a complete technological cycle that produce finished export-oriented products based on deep processing.

The party offers:

– to localize production, deepen import-substitution process, by 2025 modernize more than 51 thousand pieces of equipment in industrial enterprises and on this basis, in particular, form an integral chain of additional value creation, by processing all the fiber produced in the country, increase the volume of export of textile products up to 7 billion USD;

– organize industrial production on an innovative basis, develop the integration of science, education and production, develop legislation aimed at creating free economic zones, such as technopolises, technology parks, as well as research and production clusters to ensure high-tech production, mastering know-how, introducing innovation in enterprises, technology transfer.

At the same time, we advocate the development and implementation of long-term programs with participation of strategic investors and international companies, and within the framework of these programs, carry out such tasks as:

– development of the automotive industry, new industries, organization of production of modern car models designed for broad segments of the population, bringing the level of localization of passenger car production to an average of 75 percent;

– development of infrastructure for the safe use of nuclear science, technology and energy, nuclear and power engineering, nuclear fuel, ensuring, based on the development of nuclear energy, the construction of a nuclear power plant with a capacity of 2.4 GW and its safe use;

– development of the space industry of the economy, the introduction of space and satellite technologies, innovative ideas and developments, the development of a national satellite communications network, including on the basis of public-private partnership;

– reducing the energy intensity of energy and resources through the implementation of a strategy for transition to a “green economy”, widespread introduction of economical technologies into production, expansion of the use of renewable technologies, development of nuclear energy. On this basis, an increase by 2015 of the share of electricity production using renewable and alternative energy sources up to 20 percent, providing the country with reliable, safe, economical and efficient sources of electricity. By 2030, bringing electricity production to 20 thousand MW by expanding capacities, modernizing and diversifying production.

We consider the development of the pharmaceutical industry to be the most important factor in the sustainable development of the economy and social sphere. We support the expansion of inter-industry industrial cooperation, the organization of pharmaceutical free economic zones, the organization of the production of medicines and dietary supplements based on the implementation of targeted programs for the creation of industrial plantations and cultivation of medicinal herbs.

New Uzbekistan with an efficient service economy

The party is a supporter of ensuring employment and welfare of the population by increasing the share of the service sector in GDP. We believe that the time has come to develop a strategy for the country’s services sector for 2020-2025 and include the issue of its implementation into the agenda. The most important strategic direction in this area is tourism development. Our task is to transform Uzbekistan into an attractive world tourist center, ensuring the country’s entry into the top 30 most visited countries in the world. We propose to create tourism clusters, to attract strategic investors in this sector, to accelerate the development of the tourism industry, to use the tourism potential of the regions effectively, to create and promote a national tourism product on world markets (online purchase of air and railway tickets, booking hotels, an increase in the number of Wi-Fi regions, the organization of a network of dry closets, the establishment of a car service – Rent a Car).

Our priorities: creation of special economic zones for tourism development; accelerated development of new promising types of tourism; support of entities in the organization of tourist clusters, tourist zones, tourism industry; dynamic development of tourism infrastructure, introduction of advanced world standards for the provision of tourism services; strengthening international cooperation in creating amenities for tourists through the establishment of low cost flights; training and professional development of personnel for the sphere; formation of favorable conditions for the activities of the tourist infrastructure.

Modernization and intensive development of agriculture is the key to sustainable development

Our goal is to increase the production of food products by 4 times, bring the volume of exports of fruits and vegetables to $5 billion a year, increase by 2-3 times the average efficiency of procurement of agricultural and food products and the income of producers of these products. We will take concrete measures to:

– protection of the rights and legitimate interests of farms, dehkan farms and owners of household lands, widespread outreach among the rural population of the slogan “Household land is a source of additional income!”, increasing knowledge and experience of landowners:

– widespread introduction of modern intensive Agro technologies, the creation of intensive orchards and vineyards, an increase in the production of organic agricultural products, fruits and vegetables, food, beekeeping, fish farming, poultry and livestock products. We propose to improve legislation on development of a network of small industrial enterprises in rural areas, agricultural clusters, multi-profile farms, storage infrastructure, deep processing, transportation and sale (export) of agricultural products (“agricultural hubs”), develop a draft law “On the activities of clusters”, as well as other practical measures;

– creation of industrial infrastructure in the countryside, introduction of modern technologies, methods of selection and grain growing, reaching the level of developed countries in the rational and efficient use of land, water and other natural resources. Implementation of the principle of attracting industry to the village, construction of manufacturing enterprises in villages, based on the capabilities of each region;

– in order to achieve high productivity, to place agricultural crops depending on the soil quality index, to introduce specialization of territories;

– improvement of the soil reclamation state, widespread introduction of modern water and resource-saving technologies in agriculture, development of a code “On water”, development of new breeding varieties;

– organizing and improving the activities of cooperatives serving the interests of farmers, dehkan farms and owners of household plots.


Full employment and decent work for everyone!

The party believes that there should be no place for unemployment, especially youth unemployment. Ensuring full employment and decent wages, creating new jobs, balancing and developing the labor market infrastructure and reducing unemployment are the most important prerequisites for the country’s socio-economic development. We strive to fully implement the idea of ​​“Entrepreneurship as a guarantee of employment!” And we support the practice of state orders for job creation.

The party proposes measures aimed at:

– creation of jobs, the use of new methods of employment of the population, including women, the disabled and other vulnerable groups, first of all, the involvement of young people in entrepreneurial activity, the implementation of tax policies that contribute to a steady growth in real wages;

– ensuring employment of the population by supporting family, handicraft, private entrepreneurship, the use of household land and expanding incomes to the family budget of citizens. We advocate further expanding their access to financial resources for the acquisition of modern machinery, equipment, raw materials, assisting them in marketing and searching for customers for organizing the production of home-based products (works and services), their cooperation with other business entities in production of goods in demand for product market;

– professional training, retraining and advanced training of persons in need of employment, taking into account the needs of the market. Uzbekistan’s gradual entry into the international labor market, regulation of labor migration, strengthening guarantees of the rights and legitimate interests of our compatriots working for their families and families in a distant country, and countering any negative moods and ideas in society, and the adoption of a law “On labor migration” to strengthen interstate cooperation;

– to support “social entrepreneurship” as an effective way of solving problems in society through entrepreneurship, to accept the concept of its development, to continue the mentor-apprentice tradition.

Affordable, qualitative and professional medicine.

Our goal is Uzbekistan’s entry into the top 30 leading countries of the world with a developed healthcare system, reduce by one third the maternal mortality rate, twice – the mortality of newborns and children under the age of five, by 30% – mortality among the population from cardiovascular, oncological diseases, diabetes mellitus and chronic respiratory diseases.

To this end, the party has outlined the following priority tasks:

– deepening reforms in the healthcare system, developing the insurance sector and introducing a public health insurance system, consistently implementing the principle of public-private partnership, creating healthy competition in provision of qualified medical services through the development of private medicine and ensuring that medical tourism meets international criteria and standards;

– bringing the country’s healthcare system, medical services provided to the population to the forefront in the world, introducing the concept of Smart Medicine aimed at reducing morbidity rates and increasing the high life expectancy of the population;

– formation in the country of a modern, high-tech and effective system of medical care, equipped with modern equipment and staffed with qualified personnel, the development of the scientific, methodological and educational potential of medical institutions, the widespread use of modern medical equipment, means and methods of diagnostics in the healthcare system;

– development and implementation of a long-term state strategy (program) for the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases, providing the population with high-quality affordable medicines;

– protection of the rights and legitimate interests of doctors, the development of relations between a doctor and a patient at the legislative level, the introduction of long-term mortgage loans to doctors, an increase in the social status of doctors in society. Conduction of the annual competition among doctors of state medical institutions for “Doctor-Scientist of the Year”, “Doctor-Researcher of the Year”, “Best Male Doctor of the Year”, “Best Female Doctor of the Year”, “Nurse of the Year”, “Ambulance Service Driver of the Year”;

– formation of a healthy lifestyle and a culture of healthy nutrition in society, strengthening a healthy atmosphere in families, awakening in children, especially girls, a sense of love for sports and physical culture. The party stands for the implementation of the principle “Great future in a country where children are healthy”.

New Uzbekistan: a country where human development and talent are valued

Our goal is to ensure the entry of Uzbekistan into a number of 30 states with the highest rating in terms of educational and intellectual development. Intellectualization of high human capital, society, the formation of a competitive environment in the system of school, secondary specialized and higher education, the widespread use of public-private partnership and private sector resources, the implementation of the model of “citizens’ education throughout life”, bringing the population to higher education (at least 50 percent) to the level of developed countries are the key to ensuring the country’s competitiveness.

In this direction, the party sets the following priority tasks:

– the formation of a competitive environment in the education system, the use of private sector resources, through the development of public-private partnership, reaching 73.1 percent of children at the age of 3-7 and all children at the age of 6 with preschool education institutions;

– the creation in each district of at least four private schools, the construction of schools of sports, music and arts through the accelerated development in the field of public-private partnership and private services, through the reconstruction of such facilities to ensure that children are familiarized with the world of sports, culture and art and their needs in these areas. We are convinced that there are great opportunities for the private sector in advanced training in foreign languages, informatics and other in-demand sciences, in particular, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology;

– improvement of legislation on education, development and implementation of the Code “On Education” with the obligatory definition of funding for educational institutions, methodology for assessing activities, financial independence of higher education, widespread introduction of the experience of developed countries into the country’s public education system, monitoring the effectiveness of education in the regions, widespread outreach of reading books among young people;

– support for research and innovation activities, stimulation of the practical implementation of scientific and innovative achievements, support for public-private partnership, the institution of partnership between business societies, research and academic centers and institutions. We are supporters of development of modern laboratories formed on the basis of partnership, high-tech centers, established at universities and research institutes of a network of technoparks and scientific experimental specialized centers.

At the same time, we attach priority importance to such issues as improving the activities of research institutions, deepening the integration of academic sciences and the educational process in higher education institutions; creation of favorable conditions for attracting young scientists to research activities; integration of science and industry; technology transfer commercialization; patenting, licensing of developments, etc.

New Uzbekistan is a country of happy people. Developed regions are powerful Uzbekistan.

Our goal is to bring the level of urbanization of the population to 60% by 2030, to provide the entire population, including low-income and socially needy people, with favorable economic and financial conditions for using basic reserves (land plots, technologies, loans, etc.). We support the implementation of the principles of ensuring equal opportunities, a high standard of living and wellbeing for all.

The party believes that designing the appearance of a new Uzbekistan is necessary on the basis of a dialogue with people on the issues of creation of modern cities and villages with a developed infrastructure, ensuring a high standard of living of the population through modern technologies throughout the country, and implementing the urbanization process. The important tasks are:

– ensuring the comprehensive and effective use of natural, raw materials, industrial, agricultural, tourism and labor potential of territories. We support the development and implementation of programs for the socio-economic development of the regions in the context of each district and mahalla;

– providing the population, first of all, young families with modern affordable comfortable housing, creating jobs at places of residence of the population, increasing the opportunities for using public services, providing electricity, reliable modern energy-saving technologies, developing in the private sector;

– development of cities in the country based on the model of megalopolises in developed countries. We propose to transform cities into business centers, recognized centers of science, culture, spirituality and enlightenment, to develop and implement the concept of smart and safe cities, long-term programs for the development of cities and villages. These programs should be based on such principles as caring for every citizen of the country, efficient and economical solutions to all issues based on best practices, stimulating private initiative as a business driver of the economy, ensuring accountability of the authorities;

– stimulation of the use of new modern technologies for housing construction and design solutions that allow satisfying various housing needs of the population, creating a safe, diverse and aesthetically attractive environment, including taking into account the needs of persons with disabilities;

– improvement of transport services provided to the population, ensuring the safety and convenience of passenger transportation, construction and reconstruction of road infrastructure.

The party believes that the culture of any society is determined by the attitude towards older people and women. Ensuring the rights and legitimate interests of women, creating conditions for decent work, realizing talents and potential, and helping to strengthen their role and positions in society will remain one of the party’s priority tasks. We:

– fully support the development of women’s entrepreneurship. We will take measures aimed at supporting women entrepreneurs and farmers who make a significant contribution to the development of the country, improve the wellbeing of people and implement innovative projects, popularize their activities and advanced work experience;

– advocate for ensuring the employment of women through the development of social business, the development of labor legislation for women drivers and home-based workers based on international experience, the organization of firms of such services and the definition of property tax discounts for users of these services;

– support the ongoing large-scale work to implement the principle “If the family is healthy and happy, the whole society will be stable and prosperous”, strengthening and developing the family institution. The stronger the family, the stronger the society and the more powerful the state! We consider the issues of strengthening the institution of the family, first of all, through the prism of strengthening its economic foundations – the development of family business and home-based work;

We believe that the time has come for Uzbekistan to join the International Convention on the Nationality of Married Women. We are in favor of organizing centers for registering temporarily working women under the Women’s Committee and legally securing guarantees of their rights.

Our priority tasks are to strengthen social protection of the needy layers of the population, improve the quality of social services, and develop public-private partnership in provision of social services to the population.

For persons with disabilities, the party seeks to create real conditions that make them feel like full-fledged members of society, establish their own business and secure their future.

Harmonious development, free, strong and self-confident youth are the support of society and the builder of the future

Issues of upbringing harmoniously developed, physically healthy, independent thinking, devoted to the Motherland young people with firm views in life, increasing their intellectual and spiritual potential, social activity were and remain the most important tasks of the party.

We support measures to ensure close interaction between public authorities and administrations, civil society institutions, and the private sector in the implementation of state youth policy, improving the activities of youth organizations. Our priority is the creation of a socio-political perspective for young people, the implementation of systemic measures to support and realize the creative and intellectual potential of the younger generation, their widespread involvement in physical culture and sports. We support practical work on the social protection of young people, the creation of decent living conditions for young families, and effective measures for the construction of youth houses.

The party stands for all-round assistance to the young generation in mastering modern professions, effective solution of issues of vocational guidance of young people, taking into account the specifics of each territory, the needs of the labor market and the economy. We support measures to organize youth business, implement start-up projects, and create clusters of youth entrepreneurship. We also support measures aimed at formation and development of youth innovation centers at higher education institutions of the country.

We stand for the protection of the rights and interests of young people, the realization of their talent and potential, the upbringing of true leaders from among them, we support the implementation of comprehensive measures aimed at increasing the culture of reading among young people, strengthening the feelings of love for the Motherland and involvement in its fate.

One of the important tasks of the party is to increase the political, legal culture and legal awareness of young people, the formation of an active civic position, a conscious attitude to the political process, strong ideological immunity against various external and internal threats, ensuring information security of children.

We believe that the future belongs to intellectually and spiritually developed, confident in their strengths and capabilities, possessing a strong civic position, healthy youth.


 A strong Army is a guarantor of security and stability, a prosperous life for people.

The party believes that democratic and socio-economic transformations, the spiritual development of people are inconceivable without solving a fundamental problem – ensuring the country’s security, maintaining peace, stability, interethnic and civil harmony in society. In this regard, the issues of protecting the constitutional order, sovereignty, territorial integrity, comprehensive strengthening of the country’s defense capability, increasing the potential of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan have always been and remain priority for us. At the same time, the party’s activities in security are based on the principle “People of Uzbekistan need peace and tranquility”.

We support the measures being taken in the country to further develop and improve the national army. The main goal of the party in this direction is to increase the effectiveness of legislative regulation of such an important area as national security, increase the effectiveness of measures for the social protection of servicemen, and implement state programs in this area. The party believes that military service should be adequately paid. Service in the army should become an honor, a school of courage and patriotic education for every young man, for every citizen of our country.

Interethnic and civil consent – the most important values ​​of society and the state

The party believes that further strengthening of tolerance and humanism, interethnic and civil harmony, the establishment of an atmosphere of friendship and cohesion, peace and stability are the most important and necessary factors for the sustainable development of society and the state.

We support the country’s national policy based on: the principles of equal rights and freedoms, equality of citizens before the law without distinction of gender, race, nationality, language, religion, social origin, beliefs, personal and social status, development of public life based on a variety of political institutions, ideologies and opinions, respect for the languages, customs and traditions of representatives of various nations and nationalities, creating the necessary conditions for their development. The social and political stability achieved in Uzbekistan is the result of a deeply thought-out policy aimed at ensuring interethnic peace and civil harmony in the country.

We acknowledge the great merits of civil society institutions, primarily national cultural centers and friendship societies in preservation and development of distinctive national traditions, customs and rituals of representatives of various nations and nationalities living in our country. We will contribute to the maximum use of the potential of parliamentary and people’s diplomacy in solving the most important issues of harmonizing interethnic relations and friendly ties with foreign countries.

We are supporters of the consistent implementation of the principles “A person cannot live without faith”, “Secularism is not godlessness”, the implementation of constitutional norms on freedom of conscience and religion, the secular nature of the state. We are in favor of a policy of dialogue with various religious associations to use their capabilities in the matter of spiritual revival and the establishment of universal values. We are confident that religion should serve as the moral support of people, an irreplaceable means of spiritual cleansing, call people to peace, noble deeds, mutual respect and harmony, regardless of ethnic, linguistic, and religious differences.

We are in favor of further strengthening the atmosphere of tolerance in society, for a decisive struggle against destructive forces that misinterpret various religions and seek to undermine a peaceful and prosperous life under their cover. We support the policy of combating cultural and religious extremism, first of all, on the basis of the consistent implementation of the principles “Enlightenment – against ignorance”, “Education and enlightenment – the path to peace and creation”. It is enlightenment and education that are the key to the prosperity of nations, lead people to benefits, goodness and tolerance. We believe that this approach is the imperative of the times.

We are for a deep study, understanding and widespread popularization of the heritage of our great ancestors, the development of interfaith, interethnic and intercultural dialogue, ensuring peace and harmony.

We are convinced that representatives of different nationalities and confessions living in Uzbekistan consider it their home, constituting a single people of Uzbekistan, strive to live in mutual respect and trust, carefully preserve peace, harmony and stability in society.

Effective, mutually beneficial, constructive and pragmatic foreign policy

UzLiDeP supports the country’s foreign policy based on the following fundamental principles: adherence to generally recognized international norms and principles, non-participation in military-political blocs; non-interference in the internal affairs of other states, settlement of emerging conflicts and confrontations only by peaceful, political means.

Using the possibilities of parliamentary, people’s diplomacy, the private sector, we will contribute to the implementation of the state’s most important foreign policy task – the transformation of Central Asia into a zone of stability, sustainable development and good neighborliness.

We support foreign policy activities aimed, first of all, at protecting the interests of our people, continuing effective cooperation with all countries of the near and far abroad, the entire world community. We will remain committed to pursuing peaceful, open and reasonable policies.

We believe that active cooperation with the UN, SCO, CIS, OIC and other international structures meets the national interests of Uzbekistan. We pay special attention to the development of practical cooperation with international economic, financial and banking structures, such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Islamic Development Bank, International Monetary Fund, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, World Trade Organization, Eurasian Economic Union and other international financial and economic organizations.

Among our priority tasks is the improvement of the relevant normative and legal framework for foreign policy and foreign economic activity, the development of cooperation with leading foreign political parties.

The party will continue to use the mechanisms of inter-party cooperation to attract foreign direct investment and advanced technologies in priority sectors of the national economy, as well as to promote Uzbekistan’s international initiatives in key areas of regional and international politics. main attention is paid to the establishment of peace and stability in Afghanistan, the implementation of promising projects to solve various environmental problems of the Aral Sea disaster and the current era, the creation of multi-level systems of transport corridors that provide access to major markets.

In the interests of the electorate, the party actively promotes the creation of trade missions abroad in Uzbekistan, their participation in various international events and exhibitions, as well as the protection of the rights and interests of citizens and legal entities abroad.

Executing the main goals and objectives outlined above, the party seeks to strengthen its position as a political force working to liberalize all spheres.


UzLiDeP will actively seek solutions that contribute to the realization, first of all, of the interests of entrepreneurs and businesspeople and development of Uzbekistan.

UzLiDeP is a party of creators!

 Removing any obstacles on the path of reforms, we are ready to honestly and responsibly carry out the tasks assigned to us!

 Faithful service to our unique country, generous people is a high honor and sacred duty of each of us!

 We fully reflect the interests of entrepreneurs and businesspeople – creators of people’s welfare.

 Our goal is to build New Uzbekistan together with our noble people and ensure their great future!

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