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The objectives of the project are:

The involvement of youth in the processes of building the country's democratic state and a strong civil society, including in the agenda of the meetings in the parliamentary groups of issues relating to the problems of youth, the implementation of Party tasks under the initiative of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan forwarded in the report, “Concept of further deepening democratic reforms and establishing civil society in the country”.

The object of the project: UzLiDeP electorate –youth.

Tasks of the project:

  • Creation of a system to obtain proposals from youth, working on draft laws in the sphere of youth policy and promote deep study of passed laws.
  • Further improvement of legal knowledge of youth and promoting the growth of their intellectual potential.
  • Preparation of modern-minded, educated, motivated young generation seeking to find its rightful place in society, the formation of its legal culture.
  • Ensure the future competitiveness of party ideas and programs to find and implement the most effective ways to achieve our goals in a multi-party system.

  Project dates:

In accordance with the plan of activities of the Project is carried out in each region for the period from March to December in the form of "round tables", seminars, trainings, conferences and meetings.

The expected results of the project:

  • The tasks outlined in the pre-election platform of the party will be introduced in life.
  • Will be formed the promising young cadres in the party.
  • The youth will form the spirit of legislative initiative.
  • Practical proposals to solve of youth problems in the regions will be developed.
  •  The effectiveness of cooperation between groups "Youth Wing" and deputy groups will be risen.
  • Will be established the system of receipt the proposals from youth in the field of youth policy.
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