21.11.2017, 17:29


For young people!

It is very convenient opportunity for you to establish a family business based on personal subsidiary, Dekhkan farming and in almost  all sectors of  agriculture (livestock, poultry, fish farming, bee keeping, horticulture, melons, greenhouses, growing seedlings, seed, etc.) or for further expand your business in the chosen activity!

For entrepreneurs!

 • The project will be fully supported by people wishing to start a business in the area of family business, an individual approach will be given them.

• The project will contribute to improving the legal, economic, socio-political knowledge and skills related to activities in the area of family business (writing a business plan, the organization of family business, the efficient use of available benefits and preferences).

For every family!

 • The participants involved in the project and successfully defended their business plans, will receive a bank certificate for financing their business plan.

• In aim to promote successful entrepreneurship, providing them practical assistance, instructions and recommendations, the experienced entrepreneurs, farmers from UzlideP, as well as members of the parliamentary groups of the Party in local councils people's Deputies will render different assistance to them.

It is not all, if you have a specific and serious goal, then you can use and other benefits and opportunities!

Participate in the project "Well-founded family" and multiply your property, because wealthy family is the creators of well-maintained and prosperous society!

For more information, please contact the central, provincial, district (city) and primary organizations of UzLiDeP!

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