Surkhandarya region

20.04.2023, 10:26
Bright future for prosperous people
The Eco Park of Surkhandarya region’s Denau district hosted an event dedicated to the promotion of the renewed Constitution.The event was ...
29.03.2023, 14:36
The Constitution establishes the right to fair wages
The Hokimiyat of the city of Termez hosted an event on “With the New Constitution – to National Progress!”. Deputy of the ...
13.09.2022, 10:58
There are more women entrepreneurs in Oltinsoy
Unemployed women included in the lists of notebooks in Oltinsoy district are given loans and subsidies. So how are these funds spent? To find an ...
10.08.2022, 17:05
A competition uniting business women
For the past 7 years, the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan has been holding a competition “Ishbilarmon Ayol” (Businesswoman). This ...
04.08.2022, 15:59
Problems of Jarkurgan people solved
At meetings with voters, we often encounter problems in various areas. For example, the M-41 highway of international importance (1578 km) runs ...
27.06.2022, 11:16
A reliable guarantee of private property to be provided
In fact, without this it is impossible to imagine development and progress. That is why, at present, significant forces are being directed to the ...
16.06.2022, 10:10
UzLiDeP leaders: scientists, students should take an active part in improving the Constitution
For two weeks, territorial and local organizations, lower levels, deputy associations of the party have been holding events on the importance and ...
23.05.2022, 16:29
How are loans used?
The search for an answer to this question was carried out during an open dialogue on “Support for women entrepreneurs – ensuring their ...
28.06.2021, 10:55
Family enterprise with a capital turnover of billion UZS
The Ramazon Textile family enterprise on the territory of Jamatak mahalla of Denau district began operating in 2019 using a bank loan for 300 million ...
30.04.2021, 15:50
A kindergarten is repaired at the initiative of UzLiDeP deputy
Alisher Ruziyev was elected a deputy of Surkhandarya regional Council of people’s deputies from one of the most remote territories of ...
Ruziyev Alisher Abdumuminovich

Ruziyev Alisher Abdumuminovich

Chairman of the Council

Address: 32 ‘a’ F.Khodjaev str.,Termez city

Phone: 0376 - 223-34-89

Fax: 0376 - 223-36-79